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Starfield Level Cap Explained: What is the Max Level & Level Up Fast?

Here is the max level cap details on Starfield. Also read about XP farming tips.

Starfield is huge with a massive skill tree, that has approx 328 skills to unlock. Also skill points are slowly rewarded in the game, which makes unlocking all of them a tiring task. But what is the max level cap that one can unlock in Starfield? If every skill is unlocked what is the max character level, is it 35 or 45? Here is an accurate answer on this topic.

What Is Starfield Max Level Cap?

Starfield Level Up Guide

Based on the total Skills available in Starfield, it is not completely accurate to say that Starfield’s max level cap is 328. The player after hours of gameplay is able to reach around 35-36 and still, there is so much left.

Due to the high amount of skills to unlock it is also right to say that Starfield has no max level cap. Players can keep exploring a massive universe of different planets and moons. Each offers unique resources, organic life, and settlements. The basic goal of this game is to get a lot of credit, gather resources, and explore new regions.

With no level cap players need to earn XP’s to level up. Just complete the game activities and find a new one by talking to NPCs. Completing the main and side missions for rewards. Activities like Getting Married, Resting, Unlocking New Areas, etc will reward you with XP’s.

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You can read our above guide to know more about each and every skill in the game. Also, we have a separate article on the Best Starfield Skill to Unlock first that will help you pick the right skills to start with.

How to Level Up Fast in Starfield?

Starfield Level Up Guide

Here are some quick tips on Starfield XP farming. This is a way to increase your level and unlock more stuff in the game. But with this grabbing skills is also important that will make your character stronger. There are important skills that will let you stand in high-pressure temperatures, or in extreme weather. Here are some of the activities that will let you farm XP.

  • Kill Enemies.
  • Destroy Enemy Ships.
  • Explore the wildlife, and fauna of new planets.
  • Hunt big alien animals.
  • Unlock the Well-rested bonus by sleeping.
  • Play game missions.
  • Survey new regions and add them to the map.

A fully scanned planet can reward you with a good amount of XP in Starfield. As this game is more about exploration surveying can be useful. Whenever you land down in new places use your scanner to check out nearby areas.

You can also try reducing the game difficulty and playing tough missions. Where it requires dealing with a huge fleet of ships and enemies. Do check our guide on how to make money in Starfield that can be used for upgrades and buying items.