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Starfield: How To Mod Weapons & Equipment (Explained)

Confused about weapon modding? Check out our guide that explains how to mod weapons and equipment in Starfield.

With over 1000 planets, Starfield features a plethora of weapons, resources, skills, and equipment for your starting character. But as you progress, you might need to improve your arsenal of weapons with different mods. Rather than buying or scavenging for overpowered weapons, you can pack mods and upgrade your current weapons or equipment. And since you can add every preferred mod component based on your needs, it can enhance your weapons and equipment immensely. So, check out our guide to find out how to mod weapons and equipment in this game.

How to Mod Weapons in Starfield

starfield how to mod weapons equipment

You can install the Weapon mods in Starfield by using a Weapon workbench. As you interact with a workbench, select the weapon and press the A (Xbox) or E (PC) button to install mods. But you cannot equip preferred mod components in your weapons straightaway. Instead, you must complete a few prerequisites before you can equip the weapon mods.

They are as follows:

  • Complete the required research project for the mod.
  • Collect the required Resources to craft the mod.

You can complete the Research projects at the Research stations, labs, or terminals. You can find these facilities inside your ship or the basement of the Constellation’s Lodge. However, not all research projects are unlocked right away. It requires unlocking specific skills to access these Research projects. We suggest upgrading the Weapon Engineering skill for crafting improved weapon mods in Starfield. However, it takes many skill points to increase its rank within the Science tree to unlock this skill.

Lastly, you will need research materials by collecting the resources. You can find the required research resources as you select the weapon you want to mod in a workbench. If you don’t have enough resources, the corresponding option to install mods will be unavailable.

We recommend checking out the in-game description of the mod components before installing them. Note that you cannot install two mod components at the same time.

How to Mod Equipment in Starfield

starfield how to mod weapons equipment

Similar to the weapons, you can install the equipment mods by using the Spacesuit Workbench. You can interact with the workbench to install the mod components in your preferred equipment. As weapon mods, you must complete the research projects and gather the required resources for equipment mods in Stardfield.

For crafting advanced mods, you need to unlock the Spacesuit Design as a required skill. You can unlock the Spacesuit Design skill by spending skill points in your Science tree. This will allow you to gain access and craft improved equipment mods.

That’s all about how to mod weapons and equipment in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to get to Neon, how to change your companions, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.