Where Is Neon In Starfield (Location Guide)

Looking for a way to get to Neon in Starfield? Here's our location guide.

Cyberpunk aesthetics are available in Starfield and as a result, many players are looking for Neon. If you are new to the game or are unaware of this, you might be wondering what is Neon. Well, Neon is one of the cities in the game that players are bound to visit if they continue to story mode. However, now that players know of the said Cyberpunk aesthetics, they want to check it out quickly. Luckily, there is a way to get to Neon and our location guide is all you will need to get there.

Where is Neon in Starfield and How to Get to the Location?

Starfield Neon Location Guide

Neon is one of the important cities in Starfield and it is located in the Volii system just below Cheyenne and to the right of Olympus on the planet Volii Alpha. Volii is located right and down from the Alpha Centauri system, where players get to go to visit New Atlantis, your main hub world. Without spoiling much, Neon is the only city that you get to visit in Volii Alpha since the rest of the planet is underwater.

As players visit Neon for the first time, they will be forced to land on the outskirts of the industrialized city and proceed through the scanner in Starfield. Players will have to explore the Core in order to travel directly into the city.

There are plenty of side quests available on Neon and players can also purchase contraband here. Additionally, we also recommend you to join the Ryujin Industries faction for more quests and chances to farm Credits. Another notable place that players can visit while they are in Neon is Ebbside, the criminal part of this city in Starfield.

That’s all there is on Neon and where it is located. If you found this guide helpful, our Starfield dedicated section has more such guides that you might need.