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Best Starfield Console Commands And Cheats (2023)

Looking for the best Cheats and Console Commands in Starfield? Our guide has you covered.

If you are looking for Starfield cheats and console commands, this guide has the list you are searching for and the steps on how to enable the cheat codes. Bethesda is known for making such huge open-world games and allowing players to use the best mods and cheats to make the gameplay even more fun. Read this article till the end to know how to get infinite health, ammo, God Mode, change game settings, and much more.

Are there any Starfield Cheats for Xbox Series X?

At the time of writing the cheat codes and console commands only work for PC players. Additionally, there have been instances of crashing and lagging while using them. Make sure you have a saved file ready beforehand. We will update this section as things get better.

What Starfield Console Commands Disable Achievements?

If you were looking for specific Starfield cheats that don’t disable achievements, you’d be sad to know that there aren’t any. All Starfield console commands will disable achievements from unlocking.

How to Enable and Enter Starfield Console Commands

All Starfield Cheats & Console Commands

To use cheats in Starfield, players need to press Tilde (~) and open the console commands. Once the console commands are open, players need to type in the cheat codes and that should do it.

Starfield Console Commands and Cheats on PC

  • tgm – Toggle God Mode. Allows players complete invincibility and unlimited ammo.
  • tim – Toggle Immortal Mode. Allows players to take damage, but never reach 0 health.
  • tm – Allows players to enable or disable UI Menu.
  • tfc – Allows players to enable free cam.
  • tcl – No Clip. Allows players to fly through walls and other objects.
  • tmm 1 – Toggle map markers for all locations on a planet’s surface.
  • kill – With the console open, click an NPC to target them, then type kill to kill them. Do note Important characters may only be incapacitated.
  • resurrect – Resurrect the targeted corpse.
  • kah – Kill All Hostiles. All hostile NPCs in the area will be killed.
  • killall – Allows players to kill all entities nearby.
  • tai – Toggles AI on and off: NPCs will stop where they are and won’t do anything at all.
  • tcai – Toggle Combat AI. Combat AI will no longer target players.
  • player.additem 0000000f [#] – Allows players Infinite money.
  • player.additem 0000000a [#] – Allows players Infinite Digipicks.
  • player.additem [item id] [#] – Allows players to add the specified item to their character.
  • player.placeatme 00065925 [#] – Use this cheat to get Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit.
  • player.placeatme 0007B2B9 [#] – Use this cheat to get Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit.
  • player.placeatme 0022B8F6 [#] – Use this cheat to get Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit.
  • player.placeatme 0013F97D [#] – Use this cheat to get Peacemaker Spacesuit.
  • player.placeatme 00225FC9 [#] – Use this cheat to get Monster Costume.
  • player.placeatme 001F22BB [#] – Use this cheat to get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit.
  • player.setav carryweight [#] – Allows players to set maximum carry weight to a specified amount.
  • player.setlevel [#] – Allows players to set their character to the specified level.
  • player.setav speedmult [#] – Allows players to set player speed multiplier.
  • player.modav carryweight [#] – Allows players to set maximum carry weight to a desired amount.
  • player.setav health [#] – Allows players to set max health level.
  • showlooksmenu player 1 – Will Open the character creator.
  • showlooksmenu player 2 – Will Open partial character creator (traits and background remain intact)
  • sexchange – Change your character’s gender and return the character to a default look.
  • psb – Adds every Starfield power.
  • sethavokdynamic – Use this cheat to Set reference motion to dynamic with optional mass in kg.
  • sethavokkinematic – Use this cheat to Set reference motion to kinematic.
  • sethavokactive – Use this cheat to Set reference havok activity.
  • sethavoklod – Use this cheat to Set reference collision lod.
  • sethavoklinearvelocity – Use this cheat to Set reference linear velocity.
  • sethavokangularvelocity – Use this cheat to Set reference angular velocity.
  • sethavokcollisionlayer – Use this cheat to Set havok collision layer.
  • sethavokragdollfriction – Use this cheat to Set havok ragdoll friction.
  • sethavokparam – Use this cheat to Set havok param.
  • showhavokragdollvalues – Use this cheat to Show havok ragdoll values.
  • starthavokparttest – Use this cheat to Start/reset havok particles test.
  • stophavokparttest – Use this cheat to Stop havok particles test.
  • setorientation – Use this cheat to Set reference orientation
  • toggledebugtext3d – Use this cheat to Toggle in game debug text.
  • togglebiooverlay – Use this cheat to Toggle the BI Overlay.
  • togglemetricviewer – Use this cheat to Spawn Metric Viewer
  • printmessage – Use this cheat to Print a message to the screen (print (message) (time) (clear previous messages flag))
  • adddebugtest – Use this cheat to Add debug text to a reference (AddDebugText (debug text) (size) (color) (background color) (border color) (offsetX) (offsetY) (offsetZ) (pinned flag)
  • disableactorpackage [1/0] – Use this cheat to Disable or enable an actor’s package.
  • stopbatchfile – Use this cheat to Stop a running batchfile.
  • centeronspacecell – Use this cheat to Move to the specified space cell, optionally specify a ship.
  • dependencygraphdump – Use this cheat to Dump Dependency Graph.
  • toggleexperimentalshaders – Use this cheat to Toggle experimental shaders on/off.
  • settestplanetandbiome – Use this cheat to Set a test planet and biome for interior testing with biome markers.
  • player.dispel 281ed2 – Use this cheat to remove the current status effect.
  • player.dispelallspells – Use this cheat to remove all the current status effects.

We will update this list with more cheats as soon as they are available.

That’s all there is on Starfield Cheat Codes and Console Commands. If you found this guide useful do check out our other Starfield guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak.

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