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Starfield: What Happened To Planet Earth?

Confused what happened to Earth in Starfield? Here's where you can find out about the Planet earth's fate and current condition.

As you explore the 1000 planets spread across star systems or constellations, you might wonder what happened to planet Earth in Starfield. Set in the year 2330, Starfield revolves around space exploration with politics involving different factions and religions. But as soon as you begin, there is little of a sheer mention of the planet Earth. This brought players asking if the Earth was destroyed due to some anomaly or a civil war. While you unravel mysteries around space, does Earth play any part in humanity or mankind? Here’s where you can find out everything about the planet Earth in Bethesda’s most recent game.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains heavy spoilers about the campaign, storyline, and gameplay. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back and check again, later.

What Happened to Earth in Starfield?

starfield planet earth what happened

You can learn about the planet Earth in Starfield early by visiting the museum named MAST in the New Atlantis, Jemmision. As long as you have the required fuel to travel, this museum is located in the center of the district. In 2150, mankind and humanity learned about the collapsing Earth’s magnetosphere in the next half-century eliminating all life on the planet. This resulted in the formation of the United Colonies in the year 2159 to transport the entire civilization. As a result, the Earth was evacuated and declared inhabitable by the year 2203.

One of your companion characters, Sarah Morgan, also clarifies this during The Old Neighborhood main quest. As you talk to her, select the following dialogue option to learn more about the Earth:

  • What happened to Earth, anyway? Why did we leave it?

Likewise, Sarah shares that Humanity had about fifty years to evacuate the planet. And this is how the United Colonies government was formed by managing the Exodus. Further, she also states that Earth is more or less a dust ball now (2330). While you can occasionally find resources or remnants, there is not much left behind on the surface.

Can you Visit Planet Earth?

Yes, you can visit the planet Earth until you have the required fuel to travel. Follow the below steps to get to Earth:

  • Locate the SOL system in the StarMap.
  • Travel to the SOL system and open the StarMap.
  • Select the Earth and press the Land option.
  • Wait for the loading screen to end and explore Earth as you land.

Note that exploring the Earth in the daytime can deal you with the Extreme Solar Radiation status effect. So, we recommend visiting it during the night and equipping the required spacesuit due to its cold temperature.

What is on Earth in Starfield (Landmarks)?

starfield planet earth what happened

While a barren wasteland with neither flora nor fauna, Starfield’s planet Earth is not rich in resources. But as Morgan shares, you can find some “remnants of the old world“. When you land on the Earth, you can find a couple of Earth’s landmarks including the London Snow Globe. For that, you must complete some prerequisites.

Here are the resources you can find on Earth:

  • Water (H20)
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Chlorosilane (SiH3Cl)
  • Mercury (Hg)

We will update this guide when we find more landmarks, easter eggs, or places on the planet Earth. Also, note that you might need to treat your damaged lungs due to the thin layer of CO2.

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