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Starfield Ship Vendor Locations (Ship Service Technicians)

Check out this guide to know all the Ship Vendors located around different systems in Starfield.

If you are looking for new ship parts for upgrades or an even better ship than the one you possess now, then you will need to know all the Ship Vendor locations for easy access in Starfield. While the Frontier will get you through at the beginning of your campaign, you will have to either upgrade it or buy the best ship. For such situations, there are ship service technicians located around different planets that will aid you in the game. The upgrades or even the ship will cost you a ton of credits, so you will need to make money fast in Starfield. Once you have enough at your disposal, here are the locations around different planets you should go visit.

All Ship Vendor Locations in Starfield

all ship service technicians locations starfield

Here is a list of all the ship vendor locations that you can visit for upgrades or to purchase new ships in Starfield:

New Atlantis City

  • Jemison, Aplha Centauri System

Players will come across a Ship Vendor relatively early in their campaign on the major hub city of New Atlantis in Starfield. Once you land on the Spaceport, you will find the Ship Vendor alongside the Trade Authority Kiosk in the game. You can interact with him to know all the upgrades and ships he sells.


  • Mars, Sol System

In Cydonia, players will find a Ship Service Technician beside the airlock in the game. You will come across the vendor right outside and up the stairs to Ship Services.

Akila City

  • Akila, Cheyenne System

Akila City is another major city that you will visit pretty early on your intergalactic adventures. After landing on the planet, head inside the board that says Welcome To Akila City. You will come across the Ship Services building on the right-hand side of the gate in the game.


  • Gagarin, Alpha Centauri System

In the Alpha Centauri system itself, you will come across the Gagarin City in the game. After successfully landing on the planet, you will find the Ship Vendor right beside the Trade Authority Kiosk just like New Atlantis. It will be beside a small ramp on the landing zone.

New Homestead

  • Titan, Sol System

Another location to visit while buying parts or ships when you are in the Sol system is New Homestead on Titan. There will be a Ship Vendor alongside the kiosk just as you land in the New Homestead.


  • Polvo, Valo System

After landing in Hopetown, you will come across the Ship Service Technician right outside the entrance to the city. You will find him easier to spot because of him wearing an orange suit in the game.

Neon City

  • Volii Alpha, Volii System

After landing in the Neon City, players will have to take the elevator to go up on the landing pad. Here you will find the Ship Services building and inside it, you will come across the vendor on the desk.


  • Porima II, Porima System

Players will have to head right after seeing Paradiso written on a building after landing on Porima II. You will find the Ship Vendor beside some containers in Starfield.

Red Mile

  • Porima III, Porima System

Head inside the Red Mile establishment where you will find Lon Anderson in a cabin. He will help you modify your ship in the game.

The Eleos Retreat

  • Ixyll II, Ixyll System

After landing, you can head inside the Ship Services cabin available nearby in the game. Inside you will come across the Ship Vendor in Starfield

The Key

  • Kryx System

Once inside, you will come across an NPC named Jazz that will help you buy ships or modify the one you have accordingly.

Deimos Staryard

  • Deimos, Sol System

Players will come across an NPC named Nikau Henderson in the Deimos Staryard who will help them buy parts and ships in Starfield. You will have to head inside and take a right from Victory Hall. After which you can head downstairs to interact with him.

Stroud-Eklund Staryard

  • Narion System

Right as you enter the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the Narion system, you will come across Havershaw on the desk on the right. You can buy new ships and parts in the Staryard.

That’s everything covered on all the Ship Vendor locations in Starfield. For more interesting guides like these, check out our dedicated Starfield section, right here on Gamer Tweak.