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Should You Kill Captain Petrov In Starfield?

Wondering if you should spare or kill Petrov in Starfield for the artifact? Here's where you can find out everything about dealing with Captain Petrov in the No Sudden Moves quest.

If you are confused about whether should you kill Captain Petrov in Starfield or not, it’s alright as it concerns one of the main quests of the game, No Sudden Moves. When you meet Petrov, you must retrieve a precious Artifact from his vault. But as you persuade him to name a price for this artifact, he refuses and doesn’t heed any offers. Since the conflict is inevitable, you end up with two choices in the end. You can either take the artifact by force or kill Petrov to leave no witnesses after beating him.

Key Points:

  • You will have two options to deal with Petrov during the No Sudden Moves quest in Starfield.
  • You can choose to either take him down or spare him after failing to persuade him.
  • Killing him will place a bounty on your head by the United Colonies.
  • Sparing him allows you to leave in peace and loot everything in his ship.

Should you Kill Petrov in Starfield?

Kill Captain Petrov In Starfield

No, you should not kill Captain Petrov in Starfield during the No Sudden Moves quest. If you do so, the United Colonies will come after you and your active companion. Being a wanted felony, the UC will place a bounty and ensure that you serve the time in Jail. But if you don’t kill him, he will let you peacefully walk out of his spaceship. Further, this option also allows you to walk around and loot in his fleet.

For this option, you must choose the following dialogue option:

  • Tell your crew to stand down, and no one gets hurt.

You must assert dominance rather than choosing the “I’m sorry Petrov. I didn’t want to take the Artifact by force.” That’s because he will threaten you that the United Colonies will know about stealing the artifact. As you choose the former option, it will allow you to walk around on his ship in peace without any conflict or fight.

For us, sparing Captain Petrov seems a better option as it allows one to loot around his ship without a placed bounty. But you can also choose to kill him to explore a different playthrough. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

Fun Trivia: Stephen Russel is the voice actor for Captain Petrov in Starfield.

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