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Starfield: Can You Steal & Take Marco’s Ship? (Answered)

Eyeing the most luxurious fleet? Here's where you can find out if you can steal Marco's ship in Starfield.

If you are looking to steal Marco’s ship in Starfield, you might want to take over his beautiful golden fleet. From the lavish looks of this ship, no one would miss out on hijacking this ship. You will face Marco Graziani during the On the Run quest. When you meet Marco during this Freestar Collective quest, you will have the option to either accept a bribe or fight against him. While many players thought killing him might reward them with the luxurious spaceship, is it the right choice? And is it possible to take Marco’s ship? Check out our guide to find out everything about stealing his ship.

Can You Steal Marco’s Ship in Starfield?

starfield can you take marcos ship

No, unfortunately, you cannot take or steal Marco’s ship in Starfield. That’s because you don’t have the cockpit access to this vessel. As you explore this ship, you can neither fly nor pilot Marco’s ship due to no cockpit. But as you can access the interior of this ship, don’t forget to loot the ship.

Despite choosing to attack Marco in a gunfight or negotiating with him, you cannot take his ship in any way. Unlike this ship, you can board and capture a variety of ships. You can also steal plenty of ships by using the Targeting Control Systems skill. Further, there are also several methods to get free ships in Starfield.

But considering the luxurious views of this ship, it’s sad we cannot hijack or capture this ship. Nevertheless, check out our guide on which is the best ship to buy if you have some extra credits.

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