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Starfield: How To Get Free Ships

Want to get free ships in Starfield? Here's where you can find out everything about earning the best free ships.

If you want to get free ships in Starfield, you might be saving credits to pay your parents or Dream Home’s weekly mortgage. Buying a spaceship can cost you plenty of credits in one go. Well, you’re in luck since you can score multiple free ships as you progress through the main campaign. While there are many methods to own a ship or spacecraft, you can unlock free ships without spending any credits. So, if you are in the mood for some space piracy, here are the best ways to get free ships in this game.

How to Get Free Ships in Starfield

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There are many ways to get a free ship in Starfield. Starting early with a few minutes, you will get your first free ship named Frontier from Barrett. Once you leave Vectara’s mining facility, you can continue the main campaign and exploration with this ship. You can choose to upgrade it to store more goods or items. However, you can also replace the Frontier with another preferred ship.

Aside from the first moments, you can also get many free ships better than the Frontier. So, here are the best ways to get free ships in Starfield:

Completing Missions or Side-quests

Not to spoil the quest’s plot or storyline, here are all the free ships you get for completing specific missions:

  • Razorleaf ship – Secret Outpost
    • How to Get: Keep defeating the Crimson Fleet pirates and complete the questline related to them.
  • Kepler-R (Class C) – Overdesigned
    • How to Get: Working with Walter Stroud’s company and choosing certain decisions.
  • UC Prison Ship – Echoes of the Past
    • How to Get: Join the Crimson Fleet and complete the first mission.
  • Star Eagle – The Hammer Falls
    • How to Get: Complete the Freestar Ranger’s questline to get a free ship.
  • Wanderwell – Selecting the Kid Stuff trait during the character creation.

Capturing Enemy Ships

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Even though it requires space combat, you can capture enemy ships to obtain a free ship in Starfield. You can use the Targeting Control Systems skill to target the internal engines and board the ships. When on board, you must kill all the hostiles to take over the ship. After that, you can decide to own the ship or sell it at the nearest docking area.

Note that you require a Piloting Skill to fly away from the spaceship. And you may require a higher Piloting skill rank to fly ships with higher classes.

Capturing Enemy Ships on Planets

If you hear the sound of the engine striking down on a planet, you might bag another free ship in Starfield. Since it can land anywhere on the surface, trace the sound, and locate the fallen enemy ship. Likewise, you must eliminate and deal with the hostiles inside the ship. Don’t forget to scavenge the ship for additional loot and XP.

New Game Plus

Spoiler Alert! Once you complete your first Starfield playthrough, you can get a legendary ship named Starborn Guardian in NG+ mode. Alongside this ship, you are also rewarded with the Spacesuit Astra.

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