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Starfield Armillary: How To Build On Ship & Outpost

Check out this guide to know how you can build the Armillary on your ship or the outpost in Starfield and which is the best place to do so.

At the end of the High Price To Pay questline in Starfield, players will be tasked with building the Armillary to ensure the safety of the Artifact. With the Armillary you will be able to add in new Artifacts that you will come across and protect them from other Starborn attacks. The game provides you with two options, either to build Armillary on your outpost or the ship. However, players will also have to be careful with their decision as building the Armillary anywhere will make it the target of Starborn attacks. With that in mind, here is a guide on showcasing how exactly can you build the Armillary and which would be the best place to build on in-game.

How to Build Armillary in Starfield

how to build armillary on ship or outpost in starfield

To build the Armillary in Starfield, players will have to first access their ship or the outpost. For players looking to build it on the ship, they can do so by accessing the Armillary Screen. You will find the screen just before the pilot’s seat right opposite the panel from where you can access the Cargo Hold. Or even beside the seat depending on your ship in the game. On the frontier, it would be opposite the Cargo Hold panel. Once you find it, simply activate it and select the Build Armilary option. After doing so it would be connected to your Grav Drive and you can add or remove Artifacts accordingly.

To build it on Outpost, players will first need to place the Outpost Beacon and build the base. After which they can interact with Outpost and enter the build mode in the game. Here you will come across a quest tab, underneath which you will find the Armillary option. You can select the Armillary and place it accordingly in your outpost. However, it is worth mentioning that this will require some resources in the game.

Which is the Best Place to Build?

which is the best place to build armillary in starfield

Although you might think building the Armillary with all your outpost’s defenses would be a much better option in Starfield, it is far from it. We would recommend you build the Armillary on your ship itself. Having it on outpost will require resources in the game. And while your outpost might arguably have the best defenses, having it on ship would be much preferred as the Starborn attacks will only happen when you are in space. Another reason would be that you will be able to use the Grav Jump to evade the attack. All in all, it would be safer and much easier to protect the artifact.

You can always choose to keep the artifact in your inventory but it is not recommended. You will be attacked by the Starborn nonetheless in Starfield. The better option would be to have it on ship in the game.

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