Starfield Dream Home Guide: Trait, Location & More

Want to own a cozy, luxurious Dream Home in Starfield? Here's which trait you must choose.

Have been watching players decorate their Dream Home in Starfield but have no idea how they got it? There is a specific trait you must add at the time of creation, and a quest needs to be triggered for this Home. If you are new to this intergalactic adventure, this luxurious and cozy abode is the first thing you would want to own. It is a blank canvas which you can paint however you want as it has a fancy balcony, spacious room, and well-maintained kitchen.

How to Get a Dream Home in Starfield

How To Get A Dream Home In Starfield

There are three things you need for owning or renting the Dream Home in Starfield. They are as follows:

  • Dream Home trait
  • 125000 Credits to buy or 500 Credits for a weekly mortgage.
  • Dream Home mission

You have to select Dream Home as one of your traits at the time of character creation in Starfield. At the time of writing, there isn’t any way of switching traits. So if you have selected the trait, you can proceed with the next thing. But if you haven’t, you might have to start a new game and create a new character with this trait.

Once you have created a character with the trait, you should focus on collecting the Credits. You can use our money-making guide for that. Now, if you have the trait and money, then keep playing the main missions till you finish One Small Step. Completion of this mission triggers the Dream Home quest. Follow the quest to visit Dream Home and purchase or rent.

Where is the Dream Home in Starfield? (Location)

The Dream Home in Starfield is located on the Nesoi planet of the Olympus System. In the Dream Home mission, you will see some tasks. For that, you need to meet Landry Holifeld at the GalBank in New Atlantis.

  • When you talk to him, he will give you three choices.
  • You can either pay 125000 Credits to own property. Let the bank have this Dream Home. And ask for the time.
  • If you have the amount, then select to pay off the loan.
  • But if you don’t, visit the Dream Home using the mission task and pay 500 Credits per week.

Is the Dream Home Trait worth it?

Yes, the Dream home is a trait worth choosing if you desire that play style. Even though traits in Starfield are optional, they can make or break your character creation. While you can live in the house of your dreams with this trait, it comes with a cost of plenty of credits at once or a weekly mortgage. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That covers everything about the Dream Home in Starfield. If you liked this guide, and are looking for more such topics, check out our more Starfield guides. You can start with unlocking Advanced Locks and then learn to use Flashlight.