Best Starfield Ship To Buy: Which Should You Get?

Not sure which spaceship to purchase? Check out this guide to know the best ship according to all the stats that you can buy in Starfield.

While carrying out your intergalactic adventures in Starfield, you will need the best ships amongst the lines to continue your travels across the legion of planets the game has to offer. In addition, each ship comes with different cargo, fuel, offense, and defense stats in the game. These stats will help you buy and use the ships accordingly. While an excellent offensive ship will help you deal extensive damage, a good cargo hold will help you transfer tons of load from one planet to another. Although Starfield consists of a vast range of ships each with unique stats, buying one can turn out to be tricky. So for players looking for the top ship according to all the stats, here is a guide you should check out further.

What is the Best Ship to Buy in Starfield?

which is the best ship in starfield

While each ship in Starfield consists of different stats from cargo hold to weapons etc., the best one with balanced stats overall would be the Stronghold. It is one of the Class C ships you will come across in the game. And also one of the most expensive ships credits can buy, but let us assure you it’s worth every single credit spent. You can buy Stronghold for a whopping 400,125 credits from Akila City located in the Cheyenne system in the game. The city is the capital of the Freestar Collective faction you will come across.

Here are all the stats that make Stronghold the best ship to be bought in Starfield:

  • Shield: 1600
  • Fuel: 2200
  • Cargo: 2360
  • Crew: 6
  • Hull: 1047
  • LY Jump: 30
  • Weapons: BAL 48 & LAS 36

While you may miss out on extensive weapons that you will find on other offensive ships like the Abyss Trekker, the Stronghold stands on its own. With the defensive stats with its high shield potential and a heavier hull than the Trekker, you will find the ship to be the best with overall stats amongst all in Starfield. The large fuel capacity and the LY Jump range are sufficient to reach different planets without any hassle. Not to mention evading enemies in combat becomes relatively easy.

In addition to everything, there is enough space for six crew members on the Stronghold. Although it will take you some time before you get your hands on the Stronghold. We recommend you buy it as soon as you can in the game. However, it is also recommended to upgrade your piloting skill accordingly, as you will need it to pilot the massive ship in Starfield.

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