Starfield Backgrounds Tier List Ranking: Best Picks

Wondering what is the best background? Here are the best backgrounds in Starfield to start with your character.

Out of many backgrounds, choosing the best background in Starfield can be a bit confusing but it paves the road for your character in the long run. While Bethesda’s biggest anticipated release has no classes, backgrounds play a similar role. Based on your selected option, you get three starting skills and dialogue options that other NPCs will refer you to. As you select a background preset, you start your character with an Origin story from scratch. Since you can buy all the skills regardless of the chosen background, it’s all about customizing your first character. Don’t worry, check out our backgrounds tier list to find out all the backgrounds ranked from best to worst.

Best Backgrounds in Starfield

starfield backgrounds background tier list

In total, there are 21 Backgrounds in Starfield to choose from during your character creation. You can select any one Background depending on the skills and playstyle you want. For us, the best backgrounds are [File Not Found], Diplomat, and the Cyber Runner. Once you choose any background, your character can start with three unlocked starting skills at level 1. You can upgrade them with the Skill points as you progress to level them up.

So, let’s break down our recommended best backgrounds:

[File Not Found]

If you want to start your character with a clean slate, the File Not Found is the best background in Starfield. Unlike other backgrounds that the NPCs refer to with their skillsets or jobs, there is strangely no information about your past life. The twist here is that only the silent protagonist knows about the past.

Here are all the unlocked starting skills of the File Not Found BG:

  • Wellness: Increases your maximum health.
  • Ballistics: Ballistic weapons deal more damage.
  • Piloting: You can use the Space Thrusters.


Here’s the best background if you want to increase your chances of persuading the NPCs and Merchants. As you select the Diplomat background, you can buy items for less while you can sell items at more prices.

So, here are all the unlocked starting skills of the Diplomat BG:

  • Wellness: Increases your maximum health.
  • Persuasion: Increased chance of success when persuading someone.
  • Commerce: Buy items for less and sell them for more.

Cyber Runner

For stealth-based players, the Cyber Runner is the best Starfield background to choose for your character. You can sneak around your enemies while dealing damaging and pickpocketing them. Although you can buy stealth and hacking-based skills, choosing this background allows you to start with these skills.

So, here are all the unlocked starting skills of the Cyber Runner BG:

  • Stealth: Adds a Stealth Meter. You are more difficult to detect when sneaking and suppressed weapons deal additional sneak attack damage.
  • Theft: Unlock the ability to pickpocket targets.
  • Security: You can attempt to hack Advanced locks and bank auto attempts.

But if none of the above Starfield backgrounds work out for your playstyle, you can also choose and try out another Background. So, here are all the backgrounds ranked from best to worst based on our recommendations:

Starfield Backgrounds Tier List (Ranked)

starfield backgrounds background best bg

S Tier

  • [File Not Found]
  • Cyber Runner
  • Diplomat
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Space Scoundrel

A Tier

  • Industrialist
  • Solider
  • Cyberneticist
  • Gangster
  • Ronin
  • Bouncer
  • Beast Hunter
  • Xenobilogist
  • Sculptor

B Tier

  • Homesteader
  • Explorer
  • Pilgrim
  • Long Hauler
  • Combat Medic
  • Professor

C Tier

  • Chef

That’s all about the best background in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out the best traits and what they do, where to sell items, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.