Starfield Persuasion Explained: How To Persuade Anyone

Need help on getting better at smooth talking in Starfield? Here is how you can persuade others.

Knowing how to persuade in Starfield can be a very important skill. Whenever you talk to different characters, you may often get this option in conversations. These aren’t mere dialogues though, that you can pick and move along with the mission. Depending on the situation, you will get various options that can be kind words, some distractions, or straight-up threats. You shouldn’t pick any random option as you don’t get many tries to convince these characters. So here is how the persuasion system works in this game.

How to Persuade in Starfield – Persuasion Explained

How to Persuade in Starfield

To persuade anyone, you have to make the right choices and fill up the persuasion bars in the given turns. Here are the three things that you need to look out for during the conversations when trying to persuade someone:

How Persuasion Checks Work in Starfield

  • Dialogue options and their color: Green dialogue options offer fewer points but have higher chance of being successful. Yellow options offer more points than green but have a mixed chance of failing or succeeding. As for Red options, these offer the highest points but also have the highest chance of failing.
  • Turns: Each time you choose a dialogue option, one turn gets deducted until the last turn. When you are on the last turn if you make a successful choice your turn stays the same, but if you fail, you run out of chances to persuade them further and will fail the persuasion.
  • Persuasion bars: Each time you pick a dialogue, the number next to them decides how many persuasion bars will fill. But the choice should be successful for it. For example, if you pick a red option and it fails, even though it was offering +5, none of it will be added to the persuasion bars because it failed.

Tips to Easily Persuade Anyone

  • Save Your Game: Before you start the conversation with someone make sure to save the game. This will save you time from having to play from your last save. So in case you do not manage to persuade them you can always reload.
  • Upgrade Persuasion skill: One of the skills that you can find in the Social skill tree is Persuasion. Level it up to rank 4 and you will have a 50% improved chance when persuading someone.

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