Should You Kill Or Persuade Shaw In The Empty Nest In Starfield?

Confused whether to kill or persuade Shaw in The Empty Nest? Here is a guide to help you out on your decision and to know the consequences in Starfield.

During The Empty Nest questline and while recovering the Artifact from the Akila City, players will be faced with the option to either kill or persuade Shaw in Starfield. Shaw is the leader of the Shaw Gang which she operates under the Freestar Collective System. You will come across the Artifact inside Shaw Gang’s territory in the quest and infiltrating it won’t be as easy. In the end, you will come across Shaw herself, and let’s just say she won’t find you destroying her hideout amusing. You will then have the option to take her out or convince her. For an easy way out you can also pay her some credits instead. Here is a guide explaining everything about the choices and what you should do in the game.

Should You Kill or Persuade Shaw in Starfield?should i kill or persuade shaw in starfield

According to us, persuading Shaw will be the better option than killing her in Starfield. One of the main reasons is because of the immediate situation with the Ashtas after you are done talking to Shaw. Not only will helping Shaw against the Ashta help you take the beast down but she will also reward you with a Modified Calibrated Razorback. Not to mention, Shaw will be grateful to you and will owe you one. Although players will have to fill six persuasion bars while convincing Shaw which won’t be easy if you don’t have your Persuasion skill upgraded. We would highly recommend you upgrade the skill accordingly while completing different choices like these.

As dealing with the Ashta is completely optional, players can always choose the attack option and kill Shaw instead of persuading her in Starfield. In addition to everything, you will also be able to loot everything you can after the fight. However, it will be an extensive fight and you might lose out on some essential resources and ammo. We would recommend you go with the option if you don’t have the right persuasion skills.

Instead of killing or persuading Shaw, you will have an additional option to pay her up in Starfield. Here you will have to pay around 4000 credits from your reserve. It might not be the best option considering that a lot of credits. Not to mention you won’t gain anything in return. Although it will be the easiest way to get out of the situation in the game.

That’s everything covered on whether you should kill or persuade Shaw in the Empty Nest in Starfield. Check out whether you should kill or persuade Brogan during the One Small Step questline. And for even more interesting guides like these, take a look at our dedicated Starfield section, right here on Gamer Tweak.