Should You Persuade Or Kill Brogan In Starfield?

Not sure if you should persuade or Brogan in Starfield? This guide will help you make the decision.

During the One Small Step mission in Starfield you will have the option to persuade or kill Brogan. He is the captain of the Crimson Fleet whom you meet at Kreet. Both these options give you the chance to rank up some of your skills, so it can be confusing which to pick. So here is what you should do.

Should You Kill or Persuade Brogan in Starfield?

Starfield why you should Persuade Brogan

It is better to Persuade Brogan than to kill him. There are two main reasons for it. First is to save ammo and other resources. There is no point in taking this fight when you can settle things peacefully. Unless you happen to complete some challenges for your skills. We will get to it in a bit.

The second and the most important reason is ranking up Persuasion Skill tree. Like most Skills, Persuasion too, requires you to complete some challenges in order to level up. So if your background was Space Scoundrel, Diplomat, Sculptor, or an Industrialist. Then you get this skill by default. But if your background isn’t any of the 4 mentioned here you can unlock this from the Social Skill tree.

To unlock Rank 3 you need to be successful in 3 Speech Challenges. So what better person to test your skills on than Brogan. If you change your mind later, then you can always attack him.

But if you don’t have the Persuasion skill. Or you want to rank up your other skills like Ballistics or Pistol Certification, then by all means go ahead and kill him.

That’s all you need to consider when wondering if you should kill or persuade Brogan in Starfield. Since you like playing this game don’t miss out on our guides on can’t dock fix, how to get terrabrew cappuccino for Donna, and if you can kill companions. You can also check out our Starfield section as we have plenty of other guides for this game.