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How To Get Terrabrew Cappuccino For Donna In Starfield

Donna seems low on energy. You should get her a Terrabrew Cappuccino in Starfield.

Once you reach New Atlantis, you will find Donna Rain in Starfield for whom you will have to get Terrabrew Cappuccino. She is an honest janitor who often overworks herself which you can find out after talking to her. So just like in real life, a little bit of caffeine should help lift her spirits and give that kick of much-needed energy. The best part is you barely have to do much in this quest. But this simple task can sure make her happy, and you also get a neat reward in return.

How to Deliver Terrabrew Cappuccino to Donna Rain in Starfield

How to Get Terrabrew Cappuccino for Donna Rain In Starfield

You can find Donna in the MAST District in New Atlantis at NAT station. To help her out you just need to get her Terrabrew Cappucino. It is easy to find.

  1. Use the Transit Car to go to the Commercial District.
  2. Upon reaching here, you can find Terrabrew Coffee just ahead of you to the right.
  3. Go there and talk to the Terrabrew Employee.
  4. Here, place an Order.
  5. There are various things you can buy here. Make sure to get at least 1 Terrabrew Cappuccino. It costs 75 Credits.
  6. Go back and use the Transit Car to get to MAST District.
  7. Talk to Donna and choose “Here’s the TerraCino you wanted.”
  8. She will appreciate you bringing her coffee and will give you a Med Pack in exchange.

In case you are wondering what that coffee is like, you can always get one for yourself. It restores 3 health and +18% 02 recovery for 3 minutes.

That’s all you need to do to get Terrabrew Cappuccino for Donna Rain in Starfield. Since you like playing this game you should also find our guides useful on how to persuade, if you can kill companions, and the best crew members. You can also check out our Starfield section to get help with plenty of other topics.