Starfield Romance Sarah Or Andreja: Whom To Choose?

Check out this guide to know whom should you choose Sarah or Andreja as your companion in Starfield.

One of the choices that would put players in a bit of a pickle would be either to choose Sarah or Andreja as their companion in Starfield. Both hail from Constellation and have different skill sets and missions at their disposal in the game. While players can romance both of the characters, they will have to choose which companion to romance with. In addition, choosing any one of them will make a significant impact on the crew as well as the story in Starfield. Here is a guide on whom you should choose to tag along on your journey of outer space as well as life.

Should You Choose Sarah or Andreja for Romance in Starfield?should you choose andreja or sarah in starfield

Before going through to know whom to choose from, we would recommend you to go along with whoever fits you right. There are no direct consequences that would affect your relationship with other companions in the game. While you can flirt with multiple characters at a time, only one can be your companion in-game.

If you prefer a more leadership authority as your companion, then Sarah is the one you should choose instead of Andreja in Starfield. She is one of the excellent pilots that you will come across. Also great in the use of laser weapons which makes her one of the best crew members out there.

On the other hand, Andreja is someone we found interesting over Sarah in Starfield. While Sarah has her unique skills at her disposal, Andreja is well-equipped. Andreja comes with Stealth and Particle Beam skills that would in turn help you in ground combat altogether. With it, players will also find Andreja to be certainly good around with Theft. This makes the gameplay fun and exciting while interacting with her in the game.

With everything said, you will find Andreja to be one of the most difficult companions to romance. As you will have to gain her affinity slowly. While Sarah is someone you come across pretty early, so you will have to choose accordingly. If you prefer a partner with excellent piloting and leadership skills then Sarah should be the obvious choice. However, if you are looking for someone who will aid you in ground combat, etc. then Andreja is the one to go for.

That’s everything covered on whom to choose Sarah or Andreja in Starfield. Find out how choosing your companion will affect the High Price To Pay mission going forward. For even more interesting guides, go through our dedicated Starfield section, right here on Gamer Tweak.