Starfield Adoring Fan Guide

Should you accept Adoring Fan's offer to join you or reject him in Starfield? Here's a guide to help make your decision.

Many are curious to know how to get Adoring Fan in Starfield and how to recruit him or reject his offer. Plus, can you hire him after rejecting him once? This guide will help you with the outcomes of your choices.

The Adoring Fan is an interesting character who behaves exactly as his name suggests – he is obsessed with you. Once you meet him, you can ask him some personal questions, talk about his fandom, and even take his money as a fan fee.

How to Get Adoring Fan in Starfield (Location)

how to get adoring fan starfield

If you have chosen the Hero Worshipped Trait while creating and customizing your character, you will meet Adoring Fan soon after you start the game. This will happen at random and most likely, he will run towards you at Constellation Lodge in New Atlantis City. And if you keep talking to him, he will tell you how he absolutely worships the ground you walk on through some of the funniest dialogues.

Eventually, you will have a choice to recruit him as your Ship crew or reject him. If you choose to take him on board, he will even squeal “Weeee!!” during take-off.

Should I Recruit Adoring Fan in Starfield?

recruit adoring fan ship crew outpost or companion

You have the options to recruit Adoring Fan as a Companion, Ship Crew member or put him up at an Outpost.

Adoring Fan comes with skills related to Scavenging, Concealment, and Weight Lifting.

  • Scavenging (1): Chance to find extra Credits/Money/Items when you search and loot containers or boxes
  • Concealment (1): More damage from ranged and melee sneak attacks
  • Weight Lifting (2): Increase total carrying capacity

So if you don’t want these skills for your companion and have better options in mind, go ahead and reject the Adoring Fan when the options come up while talking to him.

But if you can deal with his constant blabbering, want to get entertained, receive gifts, and want to use the skills that he has to offer, you can choose to recruit him as your crew member. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) you cannot romance him – he is just your platonic follower/stalker.

How to Reject and Get Rid of Adoring Fan?

Talk to him, use up the options to get to know him and during your conversation, you will see options to reject his offer of joining you. From here you can either break his heart or attack him if you wish.

how to get rid of adoring fan

To get rid of Adoring Fan, choose one of these dialogue options:

  • Kindly Get Lost
  • It’s time for you to go. Permanently.
  • You should have other interests besides me. It’s healthier.
  • I think your fandom is excessive.

As you speak to him you will see the option [Remove Crew Status Permanently] You can stay a fan, but I want you off my crew. This will help you get rid of him as a crew member.

You will also see [Persuade] No, I want you to stop being a fan, period. This will take you to the Persuasion check mechanic of the game and if you are successful, he will insult you and leave. A notification saying “The Adoring Fan has left your crew and is no longer essential” will pop up on top.

Note that if you attack him, other companions will not approve. In fact, they will hate it and may be angry with you.

Can I Recruit Adoring Fan Later After Rejecting Him Once?

You can reject Adoring Fan and then if you change your mind, find him again and offer him a spot in your crew in Starfield.

Adoring Fan Disappeared?

If you’ve not rejected your fan but he’s disappeared, first check all of your ships to see if he’s present there. But if that’s not the case and he has vanished without a trace, it could be a bug. Players have filed a support ticket to Bethesda and are awaiting a response regarding this issue.

That’s all about how to get Adoring Fan in Starfield, how to recruit him or reject and get rid of him. For more crucial decisions, be sure to check out our Starfield guides on Gamer Tweak.