Starfield Vendors With Most Credits For Selling Items

Check out this guide to know the vendors with the most credits/money you will find in order to sell items in Starfield.

Along with the credits you have at your disposal, keeping a tab on the Vendor Credits in Starfield is important to sell items and weapons accordingly. Each Vendor will have a specific amount of credits in their reserve. This means the vendor will only be able to buy the items till players exhaust all of their credits in Starfield, after which you will have to wait and pass the time to refresh the credits again.

While this seems to be an effective way, most of the vendors out there will have very few credits in the game. On the other hand, some merchants have plenty of Credits and can buy most of the items you want to sell. So if you are wondering about them and where exactly can you find them, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Starfield Vendors with the Most Credits/Money (Locations)

who are the vendors with most credits in starfield
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You will come across very few vendors with good credit while traveling around the planets and in the hub cities in Starfield. We list out a few of them that you can access easily and who have the best Vendor Credits amongst everyone in the game. With that being said, here are all the best places to sell in the game:

Kaminski, Trade Authority (Contrabands)

Players will come across the well pretty early in the game while exploring the metropolis of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. The well has an excellent Trade Authority office that you can visit where you will find the Vendor named Kaminski with up to 11000 credits in Starfield. You will also be able to sell off your contraband here given that you pass the check before landing using shielded cargo. We would recommend checking in other Trade Authority offices around the systems as they will have good credits. Along with Kaminski, we will mention another one that you will come across later on in the game.

Marcel Duris, Trade Authority (Contrabands)

  • The Den, Wolf System

You can interact with Marcel Duris at The Den placed near the planet Chtonia in the Wolf System. Players can sell pretty much every item they have and earn some credits.

Anya Griffon, Centaurion Arsenal (Weapons)

  • New Atlantis, Jemison

Selling weapons at the Centaurion Arsenal in the New Atlantis will be the right choice going forward. You will come across the store in the residential area of the city and inside you will find Anya Griffon with 12500 Vendor Credits in Starfield.

Vladimir Sall (Survey Data)

  • The Eye, Jemison

If you are looking to sell off the survey data of different planets then Vladimir Sall is your best bet. He has around 20000 Credits at his disposal so you can sell him the data in bulk at times in Starfield. You will come across the ex-crimson fleet pirate on Constellation’s space station The Eye.

Zuri Abara (Overall)

  • The Key, Kryx System

Zuri Abara is a vendor affiliated with the Crimson Fleet and is the best one you will find. Not only does she have over 25000 vendor Credits at her disposal, but she will buy anything you have in your inventory including Contraband. You will find her in the Crimson Fleet’s space station The Key in the Kryx system.

That’s everything covered on which Starfield Vendors have the most credits. If you find this useful, check out our dedicated Starfield Guides section. We would recommend you start with how to collect gasses and where to find Titanium guides for more information.