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Starfield Titanium Farm Locations (Best Planets)

Looking for the rare resource around systems? Check out this guide to know where to find Titanium and the best locations to farm it in Starfield.

Amongst the many resources that players will mine around the different planets, Titanium is one of the essential ones in Starfield. Similar to other resources Titanium can be used in crafting, building outposts, etc. in the game. However, you will find the inorganic material to be more rare than some of the other ones. Scanning Titanium around different planets would also require players to upgrade their scanning skills in Starfield. While you may find it rare, there are several planets with abundant Titanium that you can land on. So if you are wondering where to farm for Titanium around different planets, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Get Titanium in Starfield

which are the best farming locations for titanium in starfield

Players looking to find and get Titanium should first upgrade their Scanning skill available in the Science Skill Tree section in Starfield. With it upgraded to rank 2, you will be able to scan rare inorganic resources like Titanium while scanning planets. You should check out the resources section. If the planet consists of any Titanium deposits, you will find “Ti” written in the area underneath the planet description. Now players can scan and look for planets as they explore but with a different system to explore this will take up a hefty amount of time. Instead, some planets are that have ample Titanium resources that you can mine in the game.

Best Planets to Find Titanium

  • One of the very first planets to visit and farm Titanium in Starfield would be Pluto in the Sol System. It is one of the earliest farming locations for players for the Titanium in the game.
  • Along with it, you can also explore Jupiter’s moon Titan for extra at your disposal.
  • Another moon you can explore for Titanium is in the Vega System. Here you will come across a gas giant named Vega II and its moon Vega II-b consists of Titanium.
  • However, if you are looking for something unexplored as well as ample in Titanium resources then we would recommend you visit the Eridani and Bara system in Starfield. In the Eridani system, you will come across another gas giant named Eridani VII, explore its moon Eridani VII-c for the inorganic resources. And in the Bara system, you can find the Bara V-a moon of the Bara V planet in Starfield.

If you want to skip the exploration, you can always buy Titanium from different Vendors in Starfield. You can explore shops on these planets to purchase resources from vendors easily. Players can then look around for a chair to sit and rest to refresh the resources. This will help you repurchase the Titanium in no time.

That’s everything covered on where to find Titanium in Starfield. Now that you have Titanium maybe you can look for other resources like Ytterbium on different planets. With that being said, check out our dedicated Starfield section for more helpful guides like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.