Where To Find Ytterbium In Starfield (Location)

Ytterbium is a Tier 3 Mineral that can be used for Crafting various things in Starfield. So, here are the locations where you can find this mineral.

Are you looking for the Ytterbium mineral in Starfield? For those who don’t know, this mineral is used in crafting Weapon Mods, Equipment, Outposts, etc. Finding Ytterbium isn’t straightforward as it requires a lot of exploration. But that doesn’t mean you have to wander across different Planets hopelessly. Instead, you can use this guide to learn how to find Ytterbium easily. Take a look below to get started.

How to Get Ytterbium in Starfield

There are multiple Planets that contain Ytterbium but it will take you hundreds of hours to find. To make things simpler, you should check out a Planet’s description before landing on it. While on the map screen, just hover over a Planet and check what Minerals are available there. If it shows YB (chemical formula of Ytterbium), then you should land there. Upon landing, take out your scanner and start finding the Ytterbium (YB) Deposits.

Ytterbium Location in Starfield
Ytterbium Location (Bradbury I)

Just for your reference, here’s a list of Planets that contain Ytterbium in Starfield:

  • Tau Ceti V
  • Indum III-b
  • Indum V-a
  • Tidacha I-c
  • Leviathan IV
  • Maheo II
  • Volt
  • Rasalhague I
  • Khayyam III-b
  • Shoza I-a
  • Muphrid III-a
  • Denebola III-a
  • Celebrai I
  • Xi Ophiuchi III
  • Xi Ophiuchi V-a
  • Zeta Ophiuchi I
  • Linnaeus IV-b
  • Alchiba V-a
  • Maal I
  • Masada III
  • Syrma VI-c
  • Kang I
  • Kang IV-b
  • Kang VIII-c
  • Bradbury I
  • Bardeen I-a
  • Nemeria VI-b
  • Leonis VIII-c
  • Rana III-a
  • Katydid I-a
  • Archimedes V-a
  • Hawking IV-a
  • Verne V
  • Fermi X

The above Planets are where you can mine Ytterbium (YB) in Starfield. In case you want to skip the exploration part, then you can also purchase it. Some of the Shops that sell Ytterbium include:

  • Jane’s Goods in Cydonia
  • Midtown Minerals in Akila City
  • Mining League in Neon

Simply talk to the vendors in the above shop and interact with them to open the Buy Menu. From there, you can browse and purchase the Ytterbium.

Now that you know how to get Ytterbium in Starfield, ensure to make the most out of it. Speaking of Planet, have you ever wondered What Happened to Planet Earth in this game? Uncover the mystery by checking out our guide on it. And for more such content, you can take a look at our dedicated section for Starfield Guides on Gamer Tweak.