How To Get To The Well In Starfield (New Atlantis Location)

Check out this guide to know where is The Well located around in New Atlantis and how to get to the area in Starfield.

The New Atlantis City serves as a major hub for players in Starfield and while exploring the ins and outs you will find many of the residents talking about a location named The Well in-game. However, even after exploring the city thoroughly, you won’t find the location anywhere around the city. The reason why you won’t come across The Well right off the bat is because it is an underground sublocation in New Atlantis in Starfield. Not to mention, New Atlantis City is huge, and exploring every corner for any point of interest may be difficult. Having said that there are a variety of shops, NPCs, and objectives that you will come across in The Well, so if you are wondering how to get to the underground location then here is everything to know about it.

The Well Location in Starfield

Where Is The Well Located In Starfield

There are two ways through which you can get to The Well in Starfield. While one is available for players through Spaceport in New Atlantis, for the second option players will have to take the train to MAST District. You will find Spaceport to be relatively closer as you land your ship, it is the simplest way. To visit The Well from Spaceport, players will have to look for Terrabrew Coffee and Jemison Mercantile stores in the city. One of the easier ways to spot them would be to look for them from the fountain. From here head toward the Mercantile Store and behind it, you will come across an Elevator. Players can then use the Elevator to get to the Well in Starfield.

For players looking to get to The Well from MAST District, you can alight at the station after taking the New Atlantis Transit. Here you will come across an elevator that you will take you down to the underground location in the game. Once you find your way in, here are all the shops and points of interest you will come across in The Well in Starfield:

  • Jake’s: Food and Drinks store
  • Apex Electronics: Electrical goods
  • Medbay: Healing Items & Med Packs
  • UC Surplus: Weapons, ammo, and gear
  • Kay’s House: Food and Drinks store
  • Trade Authority: Sell Items
  • UC Security Office: Point of Interest
  • House Of Enlightenment: Point of Interest

That’s everything covered on how to get to The Well in Starfield. If you are curious to know more about the space action RPG, check out our how to unlock skills, how to get razorleaf ship & bounty system guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.