Starfield: How To Unlock Skills And Powers

Unlock and upgrade various Skills and Powers in Starfield to become invincible.

In Starfield, players can unlock Skills and Powers to freely explore every part of the planets. There are over 300 skills that players get to unlock and rank for additional attributes in the game. Similarly, there are various powers you can collect and use with mana. There is a power that allows you to resurrect a dead alien, one that makes you invisible, and one that slows time. From protective to destructive, creative to ruinous, powers vary with the place you obtained and upgraded them.

How to Get Skills and Powers in Starfield

Starfield Skills And Powers Guide

How to Unlock Skills

You unlock and upgrade Skills with Skill Points. And you get Skill Points from leveling up in the Starfield. These skills enhance the character’s Combat, Social, Tech, Physical, and other attributes. You can check our Starfield all skills guide to learn about them. To get the skill screen, go to the character screen. Use the tab to go there.

  • On the right side, you will see the icon and name of one skill. Tap on it.
  • This will take you to the skill window. The window is separated into different sections like Social, Combat, Science, and more.
  • Go to any tab and select one skill.
  • Now press E to unlock the skill.

How to Unlock Powers in Starfield

You unlock and upgrade Powers from temple artifacts. The first Power you unlock is through the main mission “Into the Unknown“. In this quest, you’ll be visiting one temple and collecting something there. After completing Into the Unknown, you will unlock another mission called Power From Beyond. The quest will guide you to other artifacts and temples of Powers.

With this, you can now find and unlock Skills and Powers in Starfield. We have covered many topics from the game, so if you are curious, check out our Starfield guides. You can check this best skills guide to learn where to invest Skill Points. After that, read the best backgrounds for the character.