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How To Get Razorleaf In Starfield (Best Early Ship)

To unlock the Razorleaf, you must complete the Mantis Side Quest in Starfield. Here's how you can complete the quest and get the ship.

In Starfield, Razorleaf is one of the best Ships that you can unlock early. However, you’ll have to go through several challenges before getting your hands on it. The very first prerequisite for unlocking the Razorleaf is triggering a Mantis Side Quest in the early period. But many of you may have missed it as it is hidden. And to help you through this, here’s our step-by-step guide for unlocking the Razorleaf Ship. Take a look below to get started.

How to Unlock Razorleaf Ship in Starfield (Mantis Quest)

Here’s the right way to get your hands on the Razorleaf in Starfield:

Find a Secret Outpost Note

During the Old Neighborhood Quest, you will be prompted to go to the Nova Galactic Staryard. Once you reach this location, take down all the Spacers and look for a Secret Outpost Note from their body. Collecting this note will trigger the Mantis Side Quest.

Complete the Mantis Side Quest to Get Razorleaf

The Mantis side quest takes place at a Secret Outpost in the Denebola I-B system. You will be taking out several higher-level enemies here, make sure that you are well-prepared. Near the end of this mission, you will enter a room with lettered tiles. Here, you will have to walk on the correct letters to avoid getting hit by the turrets around. So, to get past this puzzle, you need to walk on the letters T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S.

How To Get Razorleaf Ship In Starfield

Once you have explored the Lairs of the Mantis (at the end), you will come across a Starship Lift Controls button. Press it so that the Razorleaf Ship gets placed on the deck. You have now successfully unlocked the Razorleaf Ship in Starfield. I suggest you take the Incendiary Mantis Gear which is found in one of the rooms near the Starship Lift Controls.

Now, to board the Razorleaf, you need to get out of the Mantis Lair and reach the deck. After that, simply use it to escape the Planet and make it your homeship.

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