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Starfield: How To Find More Enemy Ships To Fight

Wondering how you can find more Ships to fight in Starfield? They can provide some valuable loot and here's our guide on what to do.

One of the most difficult parts of the vast universe is that you cannot find pirate ships or other ships to fight easily in Starfield. However, if you know where to look, it can get a tad bit easier. Since boarding and capturing enemy ships is one of the best mechanics of Starfield, you might not want to head to a place where getting a fight is difficult. In this guide, we will show you all about finding some enemy ships to fight and how you can use the pirate bounty contracts to do so as well.

How to Find More Enemy Ships to Fight Space Battles in Starfield

How to Find Ships to Fight Space Battles in Starfield

If you are not looking for any particular ships, players can often find more enemy ships in Starfield just outside of major settlements. Since it is borderline piracy to attack the traders and security ships, players will have to be prepared to get out of there quickly. However, you will be low on looting time and it’s best if you look for enemy ships in secluded systems. Keep in mind, that there are map markers that will indicate if there are any enemy ships to fight space battles in close locations. If you are close to a system or planet, you are more likely to notice these.

In any system or planet that players visit, they are likely to find more ships to fight and they are a great way to get loot and farm XP. However, one of the best ways that most players are not utilizing is bounty contracts that pirates can get. Once you accept these contracts, you will have a set quest marker and a chance to fight enemies.

Additionally, a few players have found that you can build an Armillary on your ship and that will lead to attacks from Starborn. As a result, you can have numerous Space Battles. Also, it’s worth noting that if you are in the Crimson Fleet faction, many enemy ships will choose to refrain from having a fight with you in Starfield.

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