Starfield Get Rid Of Bounty: How To Clear & Pay Off Bounties

Check out this guide to know all about the Bounty System across all the planets in Starfield and how you can accept bounty contracts or get rid of the one on your head.

If you are looking to learn more about the Bounty system in Starfield, how it works, and how to get rid of bounties, then this guide will help you out. While players can carry out their intergalactic journey across thousands of planets and systems the way they like, there are some things you will have to keep in mind before embarking. As each system or planet is governed by different factions in Starfield, you will have to tread lightly as one wrong step may land you in trouble.

Players will also come across Bounty Hunting as a profession to gain some credits. Although with the expanse of mechanics the game has to offer, all of this may sound confusing at times. So if looking for a complete guide explaining all about the Bounty System, and how to clear bounties in Starfield, then here is one you should check out further.

How to Get Bounty Contracts in Starfield how to get bounty contracts in starfield

To get and accept Bounty Contracts in Starfield, players will have to interact with the mission boards in Starfield. You will come across the mission boards in any major city across the systems in the game. One of the places you will find it is in the Viewport Tavern in New Atlantis located on Jamieson. Once you find them, interact with the boards and find the missions with a Bounty tag. The information along with the credits will be displayed to you accordingly on the board. Select the mission and accept it to take on the Bounty contract. Players can accept more than one Bounty Hunting gig at a time in Starfield.

What is a Player Bounty?

As mentioned earlier, each system in Starfield is governed by different factions and a pickpocketing attempt or assault gone south can land you in trouble with them. Along with pickpocketing, several different things can land a bounty on your head. This includes stealing, smuggling Contraband, attacking an NPC, etc. in the game. Each of these will land you a bounty, after which the faction will become hostile towards you.

With it, you can either clear the bounty on your head. Or continue the action and increase the bounty accordingly. However, it is worth mentioning that having a bounty on a system controlled by a specific faction, won’t land you in trouble for visiting other systems.

How to Get Rid of Bounty in Starfield how to get rid of bounty in starfield

To remove a bounty on your head in Starfield, you will have to either pay out the credits yourself or be in jail for some time.

  • To be confined in jail, players will have to interact with guards around.
  • Players can pay out the bounty, using the self-service bounty clearance kiosk in Starfield. You can find them alongside the mission boards in any major city. Interact with them and pay the credits to clear the bounty.

That’s everything covered on the Starfield Bounty System guide. For more interesting guides, check out our dedicated Starfield section, right here on Gamer Tweak.