Starfield New Game Plus: Rewards & Penalties In New Game+

Here is what hidden in the New Game Plus and things that will be taken away if you choose to play.

Starfield New Game Plus has some hidden surprises. It may take up to 100+ hours for a player to completely explore everything in Starfield and play every mission. But if you follow the main story you can reach the end in 30 to 40hrs. After that comes the Starfield New Game Plus which can spice up your experience to try everything one more time. Spoiler Alert: Certain info below about this game plus can ruin your game experience if are looking to explore everything on your own. But if you are ok then you can keep reading.

Starfield New Game Plus Hidden Secrets (Spoiler Alert)

Starfield New Game Plus

After the final mission One Giant Leap, you will end in a cutscene. Here you will have a choice to walk into the Unity, which unlocks the Starfield New Game Plus. Or you can choose to return to the main universe to explore things there. But if you choose to enter into the Unity, your journey begins again. Here are the things that will stay with you.

  • All Traits, Skills & Powers
  • The Frontier Ship will respawn if you have sold it. All other ships will disappear.
  • All collected items will disappear
  • There will be no Outpost.
  • All your Credits will be set to 0.
  • Data of all planets you have scanned or visited will be deleted.

In short, you are allowed to keep your Skills and other Powers to play Starfield New Game Plus. This is not bad, but you will have to do all the activities from scratch. Unlocking the fast travel, gathering up items, unlocking new ships, etc. It will be interesting to play with a leveled-up character. Here are some of the new things you will get in Starfield New Game Plus.

  1. Starborn Spacesuit Astra
  2. Starborn Guardian II Ship

Remember that when you enter into Unity to start the new game+ you will lose all your weapons and armor. Ship customization is wiped off and exploration is set to 0%. This is quite a pain because many were hoping to get their exploration intact. This adds extra hours of exploring the same kind of regions, gathering similar resources, and scanning flora and fauna.

It is a kind of massive decision to enter into Starfield Game+. It is like resetting the entire game but keeping your character’s Level intact. If there were weapons, armor, and credits intact a lot of things could be simpler.

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