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How To Get Withered Bone In Valheim

Looking for the Withered Bone locations in Valheim? Here's where to find them.

Withered Bone is one of the most important items in Valheim to collect. You need to find 10 Withered Bone to summon Bonemass. The main issue is that you won’t find any clues in-game about where to look for it. So if you need help in finding Withered Bones, read on to know all Withered Bone Locations in Valheim.

Where to Find Withered Bones in Valheim?

Valheim Withered Bone
You need to find and keep 10 Withered Bones at the skull altar in the swamp to summon Bonemass.

Withered Bones can be found in Muddy Scrap Piles and Chests present in the Sunken Crypts dungeon in Swamp biome. Muddy Scrap Piles block your path in Sunken Crypts. You need to use a Pickaxe to clear them out. To get your first Pickaxe, you need to defeat the first boss Eikthyr and collect the Hard antler. You require the Pickaxe to clear out Muddy Scrap Piles. They will give you Scrap Iron and Leather Scraps along with Withered Bones.

The second way is to explore the rest of the Sunken Crypts dungeon. You will find more Withered Bones scattered in chests here. To enter the dungeon in the Swamp biome, you need to kill the second boss Elder to collect the Swamp Key. Find the chests in different rooms guarded by Blobs, Draugrs, and Draugr Elites. Killing Draugrs will give you Entrails, which you can use for making Sausages, one of the best foods in the game.

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