Monster Hunter Stories 2 How To Find Rare Monster Dens & Rare Eggs

Here's how to get Rare Eggs from Rare Dens in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, Rare Monster Dens generally contain more Rare Monsters and Eggs with superior genes and stats. They are not found easily on the map, as the name implies, and you will want to make sure you explore them. So here’s how to find Rare Monster Dens & Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rare Eggs

Rare Egg Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rare Den

Rare Eggs can be found and collected from Rare Monster Dens in Monster Hunter Stories 2. When digging in a Monster Den nest, you may notice a brief flash of light, signaling that the egg you’re scooping up is rarer than usual. When you pick up the egg, it will light and shine, indicating that it is a rare find. Gold sparkles are more common than rainbow sparkles.

The smell and weight of the egg are the keys to identify its rarity. Eggs can smell normal, good, or fantastic, and they might be light, normal, or heavy. Navirou can sense if an egg is heavy, and the heavier the egg, the better. He’ll also tell you whether the egg smells nice; the better the egg smells, the more likely it is to be rare.

The best way to know if you’re going to obtain a Rare Monstie egg is to look at the sort of Monster Den you’re in. You have a higher chance of finding rare eggs in rare Monster Dens, which are gold. You can also find them in Rare High Rank Monster Dens with superior genes. We recommend having a Monstie with stealth skills on you, like as a Nargacuga, so you can turn invisible and slip by all of the opponents while concentrating on locating Dens.

How to Find Rare Monster Dens in MHS 2?

MHS 2 Rare Monster Den

Rare Monster Dens in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are Dens made of Gold ore instead of normal rocks. The entire entrance will be covered in golden color instead of grey rocks. Additionally, Rare Monster Dens can be home to rare monsters. These Monsties don’t normally spawn in the immediate areas and are perfect for farming rare materials.

Fast traveling to Terga Volcano Base and going near the Crystal Depths is the easiest approach to forcefully spawn a Rare Den. You’ll notice a lot of Dens on your trip to the Crystal Depths. Also, there will be a lot of Dens inside the Crystal Depths as well. Even if you don’t desire another Monstie, you can perform the Rite of Channeling to transmit rare genes onto one of your favorite Monsties to strengthen it. Rare Monster Dens can also house monsters that don’t typically spawn in the area, making them ideal for gathering materials.

The best way to farm Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is by forcibly spawning a Rare Den. To do this, fast travel to Terga Volcano Base and head toward the Crystal Depths. You will come across plenty of Dens on your way and within the Crystal Depths.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rite of Channeling

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rite of Channeling

Even if you don’t necessarily want another monstie, you can make use of the Rite of Channeling. Once unlocked, use Rite of Channeling to pass the rare genes onto one of your monsties, making it stronger. The Rite of Channeling is a procedure for transferring a gene from one Monstie to another. By doing so, you can give the Monstie who receives the gene a new ability, allowing you to create your own unique Monstie. You can pick which slot to insert the gene in throughout the ceremony. This allows you to improve your Monsties by reawakening new talents and powers in unique combinations.

MHS 2 Rite of Channeling Rare Eggs Dens

Every Monstie has its own collection of genes. The gene’s color represents its component, whereas the pattern reveals the type of attack. If you line up three genes of the same color or pattern in a row vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, you’ll earn a Bingo Bonus. As a consequence, your Monstie will gain even more power. In this game, you may insert a gene in an empty slot, stack genes of the same type on top of each other, and even obtain several new effects with the same color genes. Collecting Bingo Bonuses is a fantastic way to strengthen your Monsties by increasing your skills.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 High Rank Monster Den

Elder's Lair & High Rank Monster Den MHS 2

You can also unlock High Rank Monster Den and Rare High Rank Monster Den as part of the post-game content. They are available in ruby (or copper) and gold colors. This means Rare High Rank Monster Dens looks the same as the Rare Low Rank Monster Dens due to their similar color. But, these dens will only ever house monsters of the highest rank. You can also find new monster varieties like Pink Rathian, Deviljho, Gammoth, Bazelgeuse, and Azure Rathalos are in the Rare High Rank Monster Dens.

In the post-game content, you can also explore the enormous Elder’s Lair, put your abilities to the test against high-rank creatures, and take on difficult tasks that only the toughest Riders can do. You’ll be able to ride Deviant Monsters like Dreadqueen Rathian and Thunderlord Zinogre, as well as Elder Dragons like Teostra and Kushala Daora, now that new Monsties have joined your quest.

How to Find Super Rare Dens in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Super Rare Dens

Super Rare Dens in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are post-game content dens and have a very low spawn rate. They will emerge after you’ve finished the main campaign. Elder Dragon eggs and Deviant Monster eggs are only found in Super Rare Dens in the whole game.

You will not miss out on Super Rare Dens on the map, because they are formed of diamonds. They resemble shiny platinum dens with a rainbow shimmer, and if you’re not paying attention, they may resemble subquest dens to you. Use Kulu-Ya-Ku or Rathian to your party. To make dens appear on your map, perform their Rider Action, Nest Search.

Using Super Rare Expedition Tickets and beginning a co-op Expedition is another way to increase your Super Rare Den appearance chances. You can buy these tickets from the Melynx for 100 Bottle Caps an endless number of times. If you choose this method, make sure you have plenty of Bottle Caps on hand. More (SR) tickets may be found in blue chests if you’ve completed a Super Rare expedition, so keep an eye out for them while on the missions. To enhance your odds of discovering more, make sure to have a Gathering Charm with you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find Rare Monster Dens & Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Also, make sure to check out our other MHS 2 Guides like how to get AnjanathPalamuteBottle CapsEarn Zenny Fastrename Monsties & our Multiplayer Guide to know how to unlock both co-ops and versus battles in the game.