Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Get Palamute

Here's how to unlock & get Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

If you have played Monster Hunter Rise then you sure will be familiar with the wolf-like Buddies known as Palamutes. They will allow you to ride across the map and even follow you into battles. So if you are wondering how to get Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2, read on.

How to Get Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

How to Get Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2
In Monster Hunter Stories 2, Palamute will hatch with default MHR clothes.

To get Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you need to download the free Title Update 1 from July 15. This update will give you a free Palamute Ticket. With the ticket in your possession, you need now go to the Quest Board & complete the ★5 Co-Op Expedition Quest “Palamute Den,” where you be able to obtain the Palamute egg to hatch in your stables. The Palamute will hatch from its egg with full clothes just like you have seen it in MHR. Devs went for this option as they wanted to help players differentiate Palamute from a normal dog. Now you will be able to climb Ivy vines and access high areas easily with a Palamute.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute Kamura Garb
Get Palamute Kamura Garb armor in MHST2 if you have MHR save data in your system.

You may receive Palamutes having different elemental types. This means you will be able to have Palamutes with different attack types in your squad. You won’t lose any stamina when riding a Palamute, so you may sprint arround the fields to your heart’s delight. While riding a Palamute, you can utilize recovery supplies, and a few other things. Select a useful item from the Item Bar and click the Y button to utilize it while riding. If you start up Monster Hunter Stories 2 using save data from Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll get a special layered armor called Kamura Garb to wear in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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