How To Farm Monster Parts In Monster Hunter Stories 2

Want to know how to farm Monster Parts in Monster Hunter Stories 2? You've come to the right place.

If you’re looking for how to farm Monster Parts in Monster Hunter Stories 2, this guide has you covered. You can use these parts to help you get useful gear, while also helping you get stronger. Monster Parts are used to craft talismans in the game too. This process usually consumes a lot of Monster Parts, meaning you will need to keep acquiring them to keep going. It is recommended to have a Hunter Rank of 7 or higher to complete this process.

How to Farm Monster Parts in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

monster parts monster hunter stories 2

Check out how you can farm Monster Parts below:

  • To begin the Monster Part farming process, you need to first craft Rodeo Jewel 2.
  • This is a decoration that you will need to equip into a decoration slot of level 2.
  • If you do not have a level 2 decoration slot, you should craft one as it will help you in the farming process greatly.
  • Once you finish equipping Rodeo Jewel 2 to level 2, you will need to start A Quartet of Horns.
  • This is a quest in level 7 which requires you to hunt two Diablos.
  • For this quest, you will be transported to the Sandy Plains. Here, your first priority will be to go to the Sub-Camp 1 by fast-travelling.
  • If you have not unlocked the Sub-camp yet, you can do so by finishing a brief side quest at the camp location.
  • Once you reach the camp location, you will need to head north and slide down the hill. Here, you will find a Stinkmink.
  • Pick the Stinkmink up and head to the location of the nearest Diablo.
  • Once you reach the location of the nearest Diablo, activate the Stinkmink.
  • Now, jump right in front of the monster and wait for it to pick up your scent.
  • A cloud-like effect will appear at the face of the monster as soon as he picks up your scent.
  • Now, you will need to head towards the direction of the second Diablo. The first Diablo will follow suit with the help of your scent.
  • Once you make it to the second Diablo’s location, both Diablos will begin a brief battle.
  • This battle will end with one of the Diablos going down and making itself rideable.
  • You can mount the rideable Diablo and then launch an attack on the other monster.
  • If you hit the opposing Diablo thrice, you will receive three pieces from it.
  • Once you’ve hit the opposing Diablo, launch the rideable monster into it.
  • Doing so will cause the opposing Diablo to become rideable. You can now mount it and attack the other monster.
  • You can keep repeating this process to get pieces. Make sure to quickly pick up all the dropped pieces.
  • You will be able to access all the Monster Parts you just acquired by clicking on Return From Quest.

That’s all you need to do to farm Monster Parts in Monster Hunter Stories 2. As you now know, these parts are really useful and they are really easy to acquire too!

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