Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Swim

Find out which Monsties to use if you want to swim in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to swim in Monster Hunter Stories 2, was the first question that hit my mind the moment the game started in the village surrounded by the vast sea. I wished exploring the sea was part of this franchise, as I never got to play the first part. But thankfully, crossing and swimming is a big part of the game to reach new lands and it’s essential for discovering all monsters in the game. So for those out there wondering the same, here’s how to do this.

How to Swim in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin?

How to Swim in Monster Hunter Stories 2
You can use a Lagiacrus, Royal Ludroth, or Zamtrios to swim in MHS 2.

To swim in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you need to have a Monstie like Royal Ludroth, Lagiacrus, or Zamtrios which has a Swim Rider Action. You need to set any Monster that has swim ability as your lead Monstie after you got one. Then go to the bank of a stream of water and press the B button. You can now move around and explore new places by swimming. The second main location, Alcala, is a good place to obtain a Royal Ludroth. If the Monstie returns back to its cave, you can collect its egg to hatch it. To get a Zamtrios you need to visit Loloska, the snowy region.

Swim Monster Hunter Stories 2
Go near water and press the B button to start swimming in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Approach any swallow waters with Royal Ludroth, Zamtrios, or Lagiacrus in your party and you will instantly dive in. You can then swim around freely as long as the borders allow it. You may now access previously undiscovered locations that contain treasure chests and a plethora of other uncommon finds. Keep at least one of these Monsties that can swim in your group to avoid any unnecessary retracing if you come across any aquatic paths.

That’s everything you need to know about how to swim in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin.  While you are here, make sure to check out more of our MHST2 Guides, for more tips & tricks like How to Save, Farm Monster Parts, & Earn Zenny Fast.