How To Earn Zenny Fast In Monster Hunter Stories 2

Want to know how to make money in Monster Hunter Stories 2 quickly early on? Know all the different ways here.

How to make and farm Zenny (Money) fast is one of the questions that come to your mind almost as soon as you start playing. Yes, like other Monster Hunter games, the currency in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is also Zenny. It is used to buy various things and upgrade your character to the max level. There are a few ways to do it and this guide will take you through all of them so that you never run out of cash.

How to Get & Farm Zenny (Money) Fast in Monster Hunter Stories 2

These are the ways to earn Zenny in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin:

  • Completing and grinding Sub Quests, especially the easy ones.
  • Selling Items, Armor, Weapons, Talismans, Monster Parts and Trade-in items.
  • Opening up Chests.

monster hunter stories 2 zenny money farming

Players can earn Zenny fast by completing various sub quests that you can find on the Quest board of villages. To farm money and make some quick bucks, you can complete the Roly Poly Problems sub quest and grind it over and over again to farm Zenny. Through this, you can get 1200 Zenny, 20 XP as well as 2 Insect Husks. What you need to do here is beat 6 Konchu (Yellow) which should be pretty easy.

Apart from Zenny, you will keep earning XP as well so go ahead – repeat and grind those easy hunting related sub quests first.

how to earn zenny fast in monster hunter stories 2

Apart from this, you can sell the items you have for some extra money. Since gathering items and Monster Parts will be an essential part of your journey, you will end up with a lot of stuff that you don’t need and can actually sell to a Merchant. Selling all trade-in items, some weapons, armor, and talismans will get you that quick cash you are looking for.

Lastly, if you are lucky, you can find Zenny from chests so make sure you don’t miss any. Finding money in this manner will surely be the cherry on the cake.

This is everything about Monster Hunter Stories 2 Money (Zenny) farming. We’ve got more articles for you about this game like the Eggs Guide, all Monsters List, Pre Order Bonuses and how to Save Game.