Monster Hunter Stories 2 Eggs Guide

Here is all you need to know about the eggs that are featured in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter stories 2 features eggs that you can collect and hatch. The eggs are of different patterns, shapes, and rarities which have monsties in them, You can collect and hatch them to get different monsters that you can bond within the game. So here is a guide that will tell you all you need to know about the eggs in MHS 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Eggs Guide

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Guide

These are the monsters that give eggs in the game and their types.

Nerscylla Temnoceran
Shrouded Nerscylla Temnoceran
Cephadrome Piscine Wyvern
Ivory Lagiacrus Leviathan
Lagiacrus Leviathan
Mitzutsune Leviathan
Purple Ludroth Leviathan
Royal Ludroth Leviathan
Apceros Herbivore
Popo Herbivore
Aptonoth Herbivore
Astalos Flying Wyvern
Barioth Flying Wyvern
Basarios Flying Wyvern
Brute Tigrex Flying Wyvern
Black Diablos Flying Wyvern
Black Gravios Flying Wyvern
Diablos Flying Wyvern
Gravios Flying Wyvern
Green Nargacuga Flying Wyvern
Khezu Flying Wyvern
Legiana Flying Wyvern
Monoblos Flying Wyvern
Nargacuga Flying Wyvern
Paolumu Flying Wyvern
Rathalos Flying Wyvern
Rathian Flying Wyvern
Red Khezu Flying Wyvern
Ruby Basarios Flying Wyvern
Sand Barioth Flying Wyvern
Seregios Flying Wyvern
Tigrex Flying Wyvern
White Monoblos Flying Wyvern
Tobi Kadachi Fanged Wyvern
Zinogre Fanged Wyvern
Arzuros Fanged Beast
Ash Kecha Wacha Fanged Beast
Bulldrome Fanged Beast
Congalala Fanged Beast
Emerald Congalala Fanged Beast
Gammoth Fanged Beast
Kecha Wacha Fanged Beast
Lagombi Fanged Beast
Anjanath Brute Wyvern
Barroth Brute Wyvern
Brachydios Brute Wyvern
Fulgur Anjanath Brute Wyvern
Jade Barroth Brute Wyvern
Uragaan Brute Wyvern
Blue Yian Kut-Ku Bird Wyvern
Crimson Qurupeco Bird Wyvern
Gendrome Bird Wyvern
Great Baggi Bird Wyvern
Great Jaggi Bird Wyvern
Gypceros Bird Wyvern
Iodrome Bird Wyvern
Kulu-Ya-Ku Bird Wyvern
Pukei-Pukei Bird Wyvern
Purple Gypceros Bird Wyvern
Qurupeco Bird Wyvern
Velocidrome Bird Wyvern
Yian Garuga Bird Wyvern
Yian Kut-Ku Bird Wyvern
Zamtrios Amphibian

Monster eggs are found in the monster nests that will be inside monster dens of Monster Hunter Stories 2. The monster nests are denoted with an egg symbol on your map. You will come across these dens scattered across the maps of the game.

Where to find  Eggs in MHS 2 Wings Of Ruins?

Each type of egg has its own smell and weight. This usually tells you the rarity of the egg. Navirou will help you know the weight and smell. The nicer it smells, the higher are the chance of the egg containing a rare gene monstie inside. If the egg glows when you pick it up, it is a rare egg. If you have an egg carton, you will be able to carry multiple eggs. But if you do not own the carton, you can only carry one egg at a time.

How to Hatch Eggs?

To hatch the eggs that you found, you will have to take them to the Stables. There, a chat will pop up which you can interact with when you have an egg on you.

So that is all you need to know about Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Guide. Know more about the Deviant Eggs patterns and much more about Eggs in our MHS 2 Guides.

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