Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Lair Guide

Here's all about completing the Elder's Lair Trials in our MHS 2 Guide.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has lots of post-game content which includes a massive new area called Elder’s Lair. There are lots of activities you can do here, including fighting and collecting new monsters and more. So today let’s look at Elder Lair in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Elder Lair in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Lair

Elder Lair in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is post-game content to test your abilities in tough challenging quests and face off against high-rank monsters. Elder’s Lair holds many Elder Dragons and Deviant Monsters to fight and collect. These monsters include and are not limited to Kushala Daora, Teostra, Thunderlord Zinogre, and even Dreadqueen Rathian.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Lair Dreadqueen Rathian

Deviant Monsters are unique monsters that have evolved to survive in the hard environments they survive. They have special differences in their appearances and even attacks during battles. They are also evolved to be larger than their normal counterparts.

Deviant Monsters Monster Hunter Stories 2 Thunderlord Zinogre

Elder’s Lair trials are particular quests you can enter to challenge yourself against the best monsters MHS 2 has to offer. Durin g the Trials 1 to 3 you will be able to farm water type monsties like Plesioth (Water Wyvern). Use the opportunity in these areas to collect as many monster parts as you can, to be ready for the upcoming trials. Once you reach Trial 4, you will face an extraordinary Velkhana, which is nothing like the ones you came across before this point. Make sure to read Red’s notes in your key items to know how to counter this Ice Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Kyle

After this fight, you will face the Fire Flying Wyvern Gravios. To win this fight easily, make sure to pick Kyle. He wields a bow as his weapon and Tsukino is his Palico. Bring him along, while facing Gravios and you can easily beat the Elder Lair Trials 7 easily. There will be two more battles awaiting you in this trial, so make sure to pick your best monsties with kinship skills to face them especially the Angnator. Use a water-type weapon you farmed in Trail 1, to hit it, along with Kyle to easily beat the monster. There will be stronger monsters further ahead like Bazel. So make sure to have a slashing weapon to slowly chip away its HP bar.

Here’s the list of all Super Rare Den Monsters you can find in MHS 2 post content:

  • Bloodbath Diablos
  • Dreadqueen Rathian
  • Grimclaw Tigrex
  • Kirin
  • Kushala Daora
  • Rajang
  • Silverwind Nargacuga
  • Teostra
  • Thunderlord Zinogre
  • Velkhana

That’s everything you need to know about Elder Lair in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Also, make sure to check out our other MHS 2 Guides for more hidden secrets like:

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