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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Weapons List

Here's our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Weapons List with their skills and more.

As the in-game description in MHST2 says, “The physiology of large monsters may differ, which affects how effective slash, blunt or pierce weapons are against them.” Keeping this in mind we will explain all the Monster Hunter Stories 2 weapons in a list form to help you find your playstyle and defeat any monster type easily.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Weapons List

There are three types of weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2, they are:

  • Slash Weapons
  • Blunt Weapons
  • Pierce Weapons

So here are the best weapon list of Monster Hunter Stories 2:

MHST2 Weapon List Type
Great Sword Slash
Hammer Blunt
Sword & Shield Slash
Hunting Horn Blunt
Bow Pierce
Gunlance Pierce

Now for your convenience, we will look into each of these weapons in detail:

Great Sword

Great Sword Monster Hunter Stories 2

For an attack-focused combat style, a slash-type weapon is the best weapon. Charge abilities raise the Charge Gauge’s level, allowing you to perform more powerful skills. You may fill up your weapon gauge one block at a time by performing various Charge strikes. The charges that have accumulated can then be used to conduct Charged attacks. Great Swords also builds up a charge gauge, allowing you to unleash more powerful attacks, such as a long combo.

Hammer (Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Weapons List)

Hammer Monster Hunter Stories 2

A blunt weapon that can be used to shatter monster components. Winning Head-to-Head increases the Charge Gauge, allowing you to utilize even more powerful abilities. Distinct hammers have different skills that may be used to inflict more damage on your opponent by charging them. Also includes abilities that are particularly powerful against opponents with aberrant statuses.

Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield Monster Hunter Stories 2

A slashing weapon with a shield that strikes a solid balance between offense and defense. There are no unique gauges on the Sword and Shield, but they do have two special commands called Guard and Counter Stance. Some skills can parry or block strikes. Guard puts you in a defensive position that lowers your damage. When you’re attacked, Counter Stance allows you to lessen damage while also allowing you to retaliate. Allows you to perform heavy-hitting slash-type abilities while decreasing the amount of damage you suffer.

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn Monster Hunter Stories 2

A blunt weapon with a focus on team assistance. The unique powers of this weapon are geared toward defending or boosting your team. It has a range of talents for assisting teammates in addition to conventional assaults. They each have unique powers that deplete your Kinship Gauge. The skills you have are determined by the melody of the horn. Many hunters consider it as one of the best weapons in this Monster Hunter Stories 2 weapons list.

Bow (Best Weapons List Monster Hunter Stories 2)


A pierce-type weapon with the ability to cause aberrant states. The Kinship Gauge is used by bows to coat arrows with specific ingredients that cope with various forms of harm, such as poison or sleep. Use a charge skill to increase your chances of inflicting an abnormal state on your opponent with your next attack. There’s also the option of using a power shot to follow up on your assault. You can also spend a turn to charge your bow, causing your next regular strike to do more damage.


Gunlance MH Stories 2

The Guard command is available to Gunlance. This piercing-type weapon launches shells and lets you build more ammunition as you fight. With each attack, Gunlances build up a bullet meter. Normal strikes will not charge the Kinship Gauge, however, spending ammunition to unleash a skill and winning a Head-to-Head will significantly fill it. Shooting skills use varying quantities of bullets and do not deplete Kinship gauge points. When your Kinship Gauge is full, you can unleash Wyvern’s Fire, a devastating strike that deals massive damage to all foes. The strong Wyvern Blast assaults, on the other hand, devour the whole Kinship gauge without using bullets.

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