Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer: How To Unlock And Play Co-Op Or Versus

Find out how to unlock & get Co-Op Quests & Versus Battles in our Monster Hunter Stories 2 multiplayer guide.

Online multiplayer is one of the main features of MH Franchise. So if you picked up Monster Hunter Stories 2 then you might notice that Co-Op & Versus Battles are not unlocked from the beginning in MHS2. If you have played a bit of the game and still wondering how to do this, then don’t worry we have explained everything in this to make it easy for you. So here’s how to unlock and get Co-Op & Versus Battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer mode. With this, you can easily play with friends or with random Riders.

How to Unlock Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer Mode

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Co-Op Quests

To unlock and get Co-Op & Versus Battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer, you need to complete “The Stranger in Black” quest in solo mode. Even you win or lose this quest, the multiplayer will be unlocked for you. Now you will have the option to play multiplayer modes like Co-Op Quests, and Versus Battles (1v1 or 2v2). During the “The Stranger in Black” quest, Alwin will show interest in fighting you. Once you fight him, Alwin will mention that there are other players who are also looking for a challenge. This denotes that you can now access the multiplayer aspect of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Versus Battles play with friends

How to Play Coop or Versus Battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2 with Friends

At this point, you can go to any of the quest boards on the map and start multiplayer from here. You can either join your friends or play against other player hunters in Monster Hunter Stories 2. The quest boards will allow you to choose between Co-Op Quests or Versus Battles along with options to choose search by Match ID and also change your Multiplayer Settings.

By selecting Co-Op Quests you will be able to play with your friends and with Versus Battles you will join with one of the hunters among any level currently online in the game. And if you have a Match ID shared by someone, then by using “Match ID Search” you can join them to play with them. This will also allow you to set up the match settings before starting the multiplayer match in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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