Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Get Nargacuga

Find out how to find, tame, and get Nargacuga & collect its eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Nargacuga is one of the flying Wyverns you must-have in your monstie collection. They can turn invincible, execute two moves in one single turn when enranged, and their skills are really helpful in a battle. So if you wondering how to get Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2, then read on to know more.

How to Get Nargacuga Egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Nargacuga

To get Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you need to collect its egg once you beat it in the boss battle while you are in Alcala. After the boss battle, you can tame and get any Nargacuga roaming in the area and even find their eggs in monster dens in the region. You can continue farming to get the best Nargacuga types. There is even a Silverwind Nargacuga you can find, tame, and get in your collection.

Nargacugas are flying Wyverns that have evolved to survive in densely forested environments. Nargacuga has the power to become invisible, allowing it to travel past any Monster without being seen. Nargacuga’s invisibility can be used to find Rare Eggs and Rare Dens easily without initiating any other monster battles. It bears the look of a black dragon, with black scales, black fur, and terrifying red eyes. Because of its dark, savage look, it appears to be mostly a night predator. With deadly speed and persistence, these sneaky creatures hunt their prey from the shadows. When they are furious, they will not only do two moves in one turn, but they will also use their tails to unleash devastating abilities. Using a strategy like this really speeds up the game and will aid you throughout the early hours of gameplay.

MHS 2 Nargacuga Monster Hunter Stories 2

Nargacuga can attack with virtually every part of its body, namely its bladed wings, spiky tail, and biting head. Nargacuga’s tail is prehensile because its vertebrae and tail muscles are highly flexible. Its most powerful weapon is its tail. Nargacuga’s muscles are also incredibly powerful, allowing it to leap great distances and towering heights at a rapid rate. This makes getting around Monster Dens a lot easier and faster than it was previously.

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