How To Change Monsties Name in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Here is how you can rename your Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories is known to make players develop an emotional bond with their monsties. You can have Monsties as companions in the game that will accompany you through thick and thin. Them becoming a part of your game journey will want you to have something personal with them, for example, their name. You would want to rename them to something more meaningful to you. So if you want to do that do not know how to, we have a guide here that will give you the steps to change the name of your Monsties and rename them in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Rename Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monsties MH Stories 2

You can rename your Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2 by visiting a stable. Here are the steps to change their name:

  1. Visit a stable.
  2. Interact with the NPC.
  3. Then click on Manager Monsties.
  4. Select Rename Monstie.
  5. Input the name that you desire.

You can visit any stable you like in a village that you have explored and unlocked to rename monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Once you unlock them, you can visit them any time to go and change their names. You can also release your monsties here. But of course, you would not wanna let your babies go. You get to choose a name when the monsties hatch. However, for some reason If you do not like the name that you have chosen, you can rename them using the above-mentioned method.

These monsties have different stats and different attack types that you can use while in battles. Remember though, not all monsters that are featured in Monster Hunter Stories 2 can be obtained at your companions.

So that is all for our guide on how to rename Monsties in MH Stories 2. If you would like to know how to get an S rank in Monster Hunter Stories 2, we have a guide on that too for you to checkout.