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How To Switch Classes In Loop Hero

Find out how to change classes in Loop Hero from Warrior, Rogue & Necromancer through this guide.

Classes play an important role in this strategic-RPG-roguelike game and there are three of them available. That’s Necromancer, Rogue and Warrior. Your experience will change based on which class you choose and there are advantages and disadvantages for each one. But can you switch classes in Loop Hero? Find out all about how to change class easily.

How to Change Class in Loop Hero?

how to switch class loop hero

You can change classes by going to your camp and starting an Expedition. Once you do that, you can choose whichever Class you want. Do this before you begin a loop because you cannot switch classes while you are in a loop. If you really don’t want to play as the class you have right now, you can return to camp (that is, retreat) and then follow this process all over again.

Note that you will start off playing as a Warrior. Yes, the other classes will be locked but you can progress and unlock the Rogue and Necromancer classes. Your constructions will determine how soon or late you unlock these new classes in the game. Based on how this game functions, players would naturally want to play as all classes to see which unique abilities are available for them. By following the steps above, you can change classes in Loop Hero easily.

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