How To Retreat To Camp In Loop Hero

Looking for a way to go back to the base camp in Loop Hero? Here's how to retreat.

There are many reasons why you could get overwhelmed in this strategic roguelike RPG and at those moments, you will want to leave or retreat. It will not only help you rest, you will also get a much-needed refill on potions and more. How to make that happen? Look no further because our guide on how to return to camp in Loop Hero will help you out. Doing this has a certain advantage in terms of resources as well which we will discuss in this article.

Loop Hero: How to Return to Camp?

how to return to camp loop hero

Players can go back to the camp by clicking on the leave button present at the bottom right area of the screen indicated by a running man. You can click on it when you feel like you are not going to make it. In order to keep all the resources you have earned, make sure that you are on the campfire tile. Then, simply retreat with all the accumulated loot you have gathered.

how to keep all resources loop hero

Don’t wait until you have no potions or other healing left because it will lead to your death. Here’s what happens when you die in the game and you don’t want to lose out on that amount of resources. Remember that if you are at any tile other than the campfire one in the loop and you use the leave button, you will get to keep 60% of your resources that you have found.

how to leave or retreat in loop hero

Hence, it’s best to retreat at the right time because it’s better to leave the battlefield than to die without resources. When you click on the icon, you will get a pop up. This is where you can confirm if you want to Retreat or Stay. Click on Retreat to head back immediately.

So, there are three ways to return to camp in Loop Hero, all with different amounts of loot taken back. Depending on the situation you are in, you can take a decision accordingly, thereby affecting the resources as well. Once you are back at the base camp, you can begin planning and take on enemies all over again.

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