How To Use Health Potions In Loop Hero

Learn How to use Health Potions in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is the new RPG game that has been garnering attention. Set against a dark background the game features an innovative gameplay technique in the form of a loop-based system. Thus, the game stands out in an already populated world of 8-Bit games such as Stardew Valley and Terraria. The game features some standout combat features. As with any combat game, Healing properties are a huge deal in Loop Hero too. And this is where Health Potions come into play in Loop Hero. Read this guide to get some more information about the same.

How to use Health Potions in Loop Hero

How to use Health Potions in Loop Hero
Heal yourself in Loop Hero

The first step that you will have to undertake is to unlock The Herbalist’s Hut in Loop Hero. The Herbalist’s Hut is a building that can be unlocked pretty early in the game. Once you unlock the Herbalist’s Hut you will get Two Health Potions every time you start a new loop as you pass through your cozy camp tile. One thing that is a bit off-putting is the fact that your character will directly use up the Health Potion as and when it deems fit. Health Potions provide a small health boost.

To construct the Herbalist’s Hut you will need to have 2 Persevered Wood, 3 Persevered Stone, and 4 Food Supplies as resources. You can find these resources as you go through the loops again and again. When you move through the Meadows you get a lot of ration resources. Another trick that you can do is completely encircle a treasury and this will result in you getting a boatload of resources.

This is everything that you need to know about How to Use Health Potions in Loop Hero. Do not forget to check out some Tips and Tricks for Loop Hero and How to Create a Mountain Peak.