Loop Hero: Rogue Class Complete Guide

Wondering about how to play as a Rogue in Loop Hero? Check it out right here

Rogue class in Loop Hero is one of the hardest-hitting and fast characters in the game. Out of the three characters, this class is one of the best and easiest-to-use characters. If you wish to know how to play Rogue in Loop Hero, here’s what you need to know.

How To Play Rogue In Loop Hero

To play as Rogue in Loop Hero, focus on attacks rather than defense, the character has innate vampirism as the character will heal with every hit. The key to survival as Rogue is to hit fast and hard. One of the best things about playing as Rogue is that as you defeat enemies, you get trophies which then can be converted into random pieces of equipment. You also get a 10% bonus for any effect you have on each item equipped and you can use two weapons at the same time.

how to play as rogue class in Loop Hero
Rogue class in Loop Hero is one of the best classes in the game

Best Deck To Have As Rogue In Loop Hero

To have the best possible deck when playing as a Rogue in Loop Hero, here are the cards that you must have in the game. Grove, Battlefield, Village, Spider Cocoon, Ruins, Blood Grove, Desert, Meadow, Oblivion, and Arsenal

When playing as a Rogue, make sure to have to focus on stats like Attack Speed, Evasion, and Crit Chance, this will help you to defeat your enemies easier and give you more chance of progressing through the game.

Make sure that you upgrade your equipment to as much as possible before you decide to take on the boss, each level in Loop Hero is tough and the better equipment you have, the higher your chances will be to defeat them.

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Your campfire should be the place where you focus most of your battles, but before you do that make sure that you have a Blood Grove near your campfire so that it will defeat any enemy that has less than 15% health. Focus on increasing your attack speed by placing a Sand Dune beside a river and this will give you faster attacks.

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