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Loop Hero: How To Unlock Rogue Class

Learn how to Unlock Rogue Class in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a bit different than your usual RPG titles that are released. And no, we aren’t talking about the pixelated 8-bit graphics at all. We are talking about the actual gameplay. Loop Hero doesn’t let the player take control of their character, rather the computer takes the combat and Healing abilities into its own hands. This might be confusing for the general public but it actually allows for a pretty unique gaming experience than what we have come to expect from these games. In fact, one of the only things you are allowed to operate is the in-game class system. In this guide, we will give you more information about the Rogue Class in Loop Hero and how to Unlock it.

How to Unlock Rogue Class in Loop Hero


Unlock Rogue Class in Loop Hero
Learn how to use different classes in the game.

To unlock Rogue Class you will have to upgrade your camp. The first thing that you upgrade is the field kitchen which happens after the tutorial itself. To upgrade to Field Kitchen you will require 3 Persevered Wood, 2 Persevered Stone, and 1 Food Supply.

Now, the next item on the list is unlocking the Refuge. Once you complete the upgrade to Field Kitchen, the Refuge will become open. To place this Refuge you will need 12 Persevered Wood, 2 Persevered Stone, 4 Stable metal, and 7 Food supplies. You can find most of the resources by completing the loops of the game, as every new loop allows you to earn better resources. Now, all you have to do is place the Refuge in your camp. After having done this you will see that the Rogue Class is now open.


This is everything you need to know about How to Unlock the Rogue Class in Loop Hero. While you are here do not forget to look at How to Use Health Potions and How to Create a Mountain Peak.