How To Beat The Lich In Loop Hero

Wondering how to spawn the first boss and how to defeat The Lich in Loop Hero? Find out here.

The Lich in Loop Hero has unleashed chaos upon the world by bringing a timeless loop into the picture. And with the help of mystical cards, you have to progress in this roguelike RPG game packed with monsters, new terrains and show your bravery. It’s quite a challenging game in itself but when you face off with the boss, The Lich, you will need some extra tips and tricks to succeed. Don’t worry, here’s a guide on how to defeat The Lich in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero: How to Defeat The Lich (Tips and Tricks)

Before taking on the first boss in Loop Hero, you have to know that he will be harder to handle than the other enemies you have encountered till now. You can spawn or summon this boss when the boss meter gets filled up. This meter will be present in the top left part of the game so keep an eye on that. How does the boss meter fill up, you ask? Well, you have to place cards to do that and that means you have to get more kills in. So go ahead and kill more smaller enemies and mobs to make it happen but don’t lose a lot of your health while you are at it. When you do enough of it, the first boss (The Lich) will spawn on the camp tile.

How to Defeat The Lich loop hero tips tricks

The Lich will make Palaces in the camp tile. You can reduce this number by putting buildings and filling up the squares. This is important to do because the each Palace tile will increase the boss’s health as well as damage by 5% (Researcher ability). You can also use the Oblivion card to get rid of the Lich Palace tiles so make sure you have it with you. So, your first goal is to ensure that the Lich Palaces don’t grow in number.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that Lich is a Mage and does magic damage. This means you have to be prepared for magic attacks and have appropriate Magic Damage ready. You can also carry weapons that can help you against the undead like The Lich.

Which Cards to use specifically for The Lich boss battle? In terms of your deck of Cards, you need to have Grove, Meadow, Oblivion, Village, Blood Grove and Battlefield in it.

Here are all defenses you need to battle and beat The Lich in Loop Hero:

  • The Herbalist’s Hut (Potions)
  • Evasion stat
  • Vampirism stat

These are the must-haves in your boss fight with The Lich in Loop Hero. The Herbalist’s Hut will give you potions that will help your health during the tough battle. So go ahead and build it as soon as possible. Evasion and Vampirism will give you the ability to dodge and heal respectively. Since the fight will happen automatically, you have to plan and strategize in a way that the tides turn in your favor. Do a mix of everything mentioned above to beat The Lich in Loop Hero.

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