Loop Hero: How To Upgrade Buildings

Here's how to upgrade buildings in Loop Hero.

The main characteristic of Loop Hero is to go through the same process again & again in a loop to progress ahead in the game. The Hero recalls bits and pieces from his memory and tries to make sense of all of them. Moving along the loops will get you better weapons, resources, gears and more memories manifested as cards in-game. But one of the things you need to change in the game is building a base and upgrading buildings. And the tutorial tells you everything about how to build buildings but nothing about upgrading or demolishing them. So let’s look at how to upgrade buildings in Loop Hero.

How to Upgrade Buildings in Loop Hero?

To upgrade building in Loop Hero, you need to select them from your base and select the “Upgrade” option just beside the “Dismantle” option. It’s as simple as that even it might seem a bit confusing at the beginning. And even though the game instructs us about constructing buildings, it doesn’t guide us about upgrading them. At any time of the gameplay, you may return to “Base” to build any new building. But note that all upgrades need resources. And to upgrade all the buildings with their max options you are going to need quite a lot of them.


Loop Hero combines all the best elements of retro games. It will take you to the old days when you had your 16-bit Fantasy RPG. The gameplay might feel nostalgic, but the idea of the loop is something different from other games. You start by selecting one of the three-class available Warrior, Rogue, and Necromancer. You do not control your hero directly in this game. Your goal is to create a path and fill the world with different elements, which your hero on auto exploration mode loops around again and again. The environmental changes you add determines the health and attack stats of both your hero and the enemies. Among all this chaos, you need to build your base, add buildings to it and also upgrade those buildings to get the best out of them. Enough said! Not spoiling anything more!

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to upgrade buildings in Loop Hero. So for more guides with exciting secrets and tips, check out more of our Video Games Guides.