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Loop Hero: How To Farm Resources

Here's how to farm Resources in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero combines all the best elements of retro games. It will take you to the old days when you had your 16-bit Fantasy RPG. The gameplay might feel nostalgic, but the idea of the loop is something different from other games. You do not control your hero directly in this game. Your goal is to create a path and fill the world with different elements, which your hero on auto exploration mode loops around again and again.  You also need to build and upgrade buildings to progress in-game. This requires a lot of different types of resources. The environmental changes you add determines the health and attack stats of both your hero and the enemies. So today let’s look at how to farm resources in Loop Hero.

How to Farm Resources in Loop Hero?

Farm Resources Loop Hero

To farm first three main Resources (Stable Branches, Preserved Pebbles, and Rations
) in Loop Hero you need to do the following:

  • Build as many Groves along the loop, to collect the most number of Branches. Collecting 12 stable branches will convert them to a single Stable Wood.
  • Preserved Pebbles can be collected by placing both Rock tiles & Mountain Tiles along the path. But the best way to get them is to travel through Cemeteries in your loop. Collecting 10 Preserved Pebbles will convert them to a single Preserved Rock.
  • Ration can be collected by putting down Meadow tiles. Collecting 12 Rations will convert them to a single Food Supply.

These three resources are going to be your best bet to getting all the first advanced materials. Following the above steps will now give you Stable Wood (12 Stable Branches), Preserved Rock (10 Preserved Pebbles), and Food Supply (12 Ration). Now let’s look at other resources if you are a bit ahead of the game, like if you have already beaten the first boss The Lich. We will be covering them soon. They are:

  • Book of Memories (10 Memory Fragments)
  • Metamorphosis (20 Noticeable Change)
  • Orb of Afterlife (10 Pitiful Remains)
  • Orb of Craft (10 Craft Fragments)
  • Orb of Expansion ( Kill above 4 foes in a battle)
  • Orb of Immortality (Beat The Lich)
  • Orb of Unity (10 Shapeless Mass)
  • Stable Metal (13 Scrap Metal)

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to farm resources in Loop Hero. So for more guides with exciting secrets and tips, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides.