Loop Hero: How To Get Orbs Of Unity

Here's how to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero combines all the best elements of retro games. Your main goal is to create a path and fill the world with different elements and cards, which your hero on auto exploration mode loops around again and again. You also need to do environmental changes which determine the health and attack stats of both your hero and the enemies. This requires a lot of different types of resources. One of the difficult resources that every player is having trouble finding is Orbs of Unity. So today let’s look at how to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero.

How to Get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero

Orbs of Unity Loop Hero

To get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero, you need to collect 10x Shapeless Mass dropped from Blood Clot, Dark Slime, Ghost of a Ghost, Slime, & Swarm of Bats. Combining 10 Shapeless Mass from might be hard considering the rarity of such resources. So you have to create and find these enemies in your loop to increase your chance of getting Orb of Unity.

Blood Clot spawns on a Blood Path every 4 days. Place a Battlefield card near another Battlefield to spawn a blood path in each wasteland tiles into the merged area. Swarm of Bats, from a Vampire. A Vampire summons bats after health drops below 50%. Slimes can be found in Wasteland. It has a 5% chance of spawning a Slime once a day. So in short your best best is to kill both Liquid (Slime) or Swarm type enemies. You can place your mouse cursor over an enemy during battle, to check their traits.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to get the Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more guides with exciting secrets and tips.