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Loop Hero: Warrior Class Complete Guide

This is the Complete Guide for the Warrior Class in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero functions according to a class system. It is one of the many unique in-game systems that the game employs. It allows players to use and access different abilities in the game with each having its own perk. The very first one that you will encounter is the Warrior Class. This guide will tell you all that you will need to know about the Warrior Class in Loop Hero.

What is the Warrior Class in Loop Hero

What is the Warrior Class in Loop Hero
Learn more about this class in Loop Hero

The Warrior Class is the first Class that is unlocked in the game, so it stands to reason that this class is very basic. However, it does have its own perks as it provides the largest amount of durability when compared to other classes. This Class also doesn’t have any difficult game mechanics unlike the other Classes in the game.

Having the Warrior class activated will give you a high level of defense in the game. It will also give 2% extra damage for every second of the combat. While it will be pretty difficult to complete the entire game with just this class activated you can boost its best quality even more. You can increase the defense stats of the Warrior Class by stocking up and using Health Potions. Keeping these Health Potions handy will help increase the regenerative powers of your character. You can even look at placing various Mountain Tiles which will further help in boosting your Defense stats. Again, keep in mind, unlike the Necromancer class you won’t have Skeletons fighting for you.

This is the complete Guide that you will need to know about the Warrior Class in Loop Hero. While you are here do not forget to find out more about Noticeable Change and Metamorphosis Resources as well as How to Unlock Rogue Class.